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Page added on June 22, 2010

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Political prostitution and the evil that follows

Political prostitution and the evil that follows thumbnail

The spate of people abandoning one party for another is a cause for concern, an issue which the civil society body in the country as well as the media must peer into due to its apparent implication for the health of the country’s political culture.

It has now become the usual occurrence for prominent political personalities aligned with one party, declaring for another just because they are no longer in power or may see need to cross carpet for rosy but insidious reasons. Although this is not strange in democratic dispensations the world over, the way and manner in which it is carried out in our own case is morally disingenuous and smacks of greed and political incredulities.

One certainly cannot stop any one from exercising his or her political right to associate whenever one feels doing so; but to do it with awkward and greedy motives is very inimical to the health of the country’s political process. Most often than not, these political infidels shift tents for reasons that can only be described as selfish rather than pitching tents to effect changes that their former parties could not get them to do as per their usual allegations.

In most cases, those who abandon their parties usually do so because it is no more in power, but rather it is in the opposition and therefore not economically viable to survive in party. Beneath the shades of shifting to a ruling party lies the aspect of greed and that is accompanied by political mischief and corruption of the highest degree. People join other parties because they want to benefit, benefits they can’t presently get being in the disadvantaged position.

As I am writing this feature, a group of supporters have already left the SLPP and have surreptitiously taken membership forms for the APC (call it survival tactics). These are the ones that are often used as Trojan horses of political warfare and mischief making. In such a situation, the head of state becomes the only true party stalwart, because he is the only one who will not have the wish neither the desire to join another party.

When Joseph Saidu Momoh was overthrown, even his own ministers started establishing links with the military men with the hope that they might be considered for jobs, and even though there were a lot of malpractices and evils being perpetuated, these so called personalities were only interested in protecting their economic interests.

In the case of the PMDC, a lot of people initially joined with the expectation that Charles Margai will win the elections hands down. However, when Margai ended up third and in the process was not able to sustain his own party anymore, a mass abandonment of the party ensued.

As we see, the APC is back to power, it is important that President Koroma sees it as a lesson for future engagements. You as leader might be the doyen of all, being praised by all and sundry, but when the day of reckoning comes, my brother the buck certainly stops with you.

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