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One More Lie; One More Time Bomb – I.B. Kargbo Must Resign Now!

One More Lie; One More Time Bomb – I.B. Kargbo Must Resign Now! thumbnail

The ambiguity of dishonesty is that much of it is habitual and scarcely recognized. Ethicists often assume that honesty is the obvious policy of choice that is chosen by the individual self. The tree of dishonesty has a number of separate branches. There is the branch of equivocation—deliberately using ambiguous or unclear expressions, intending to mislead. There is a branch called duplicity—speaking in two different and mutually contradictory ways about the same subject to different parties, intending to deceive one or both. Another branch is called distortion—willfully twisting something out of its true meaning. And there is lying—knowingly telling something one believes is false with the intent that the hearer will believe it is true. Some people are made to lie and continue lying even if they know that it is hurting and even fatal. These kinds of people will always want to ascend to a decision making status that will allow them to continue deceiving the people they serve and the world. Most of the time, these kinds of persons are inconsistent and therefore nefarious.

Alhaji Ibrahim Ben Kargbo (in photo)  is the present APC Minister of Information and Communication. That position in every government (in Sierra Leone) serves as the mouthpiece of the ruling government. It is through that ministry voters and the entire world is informed about the day-to-day activities of the government. That also means, the ministry should be the most trusted ministry in the country. That ministry is bound to inform, and reliably. From time to time I have been telling the people of my country, Sierra Leone, that the APC is not here for any seriousness but there are those that have chosen to be partisan rather than being patriotic.

The recent tussle between Alhaji Ibrahim Ben Kargbo and Charles Margai is suffice to proffer for a reason for the resignation of Alhaji I.B. Kargbo. But that can only be done if the government in power is a serious one. In a nationwide broadcast, IB Kargbo told the people of Sierra Leone that Charles Margai extorts money from President Ernest Bai Koroma and the APC government. In that process IB Kargbo revealed to the people of the country what transpired between President Koroma and Charles Margai in the first place and the APC and PMDC. Officially now, we have been told that President Koroma heavily bribed Charles Margai to support him.  That is an official matter now; IB Kargbo can be quoted on the matter. Some of us have opened a new chapter of investigation on this matter. Whether IB Kargbo apologizes or not we have known that this kind of action did take place between Charles Margai and President Koroma. IB Kargbo exposes the whole deal that is going on between Charles Margai and President Koroma and the APC and PMDC. We have been formally informed that President Koroma did take state funds to give to individuals for him to continue to remain. Charles Margai said in Makeni and other places that President Koroma gave about three hundred thousand dollars to Mohamed Bangura for the formation of a new party in place of the PMDC. That also is a new item on the investigation agenda.

Everyone will agree with me this time that the President should ask I.B. Kargbo to resign. I believe even Brima Turay (spokesman of APC North America) will agree that IB Kargbo is not a trustworthy person for the President. He is not supposed to be there as Information Minister because he has divulged what was happening behind the scenes. If APC was truly a serious party, they would have urged President Koroma to ask IB Kargbo to resign and further ask him to prove to the nation what he said was the truth. I believe most people; especially the APC folks; are not realizing that I.B. Kargbo did not only disgrace Charles Margai but President Koroma and the APC. I want to draw the attention of such people to the issue of the source President Koroma is getting those huge amounts that he is dishing out to individuals. I.B. Kargbo publicly said it and in response, Charles Margai also publicly exposed the deal between President Koroma and Mohamed Bangura in forming a new party. That is the obvious reason that should force the President to make I.B. Kargbo resign.

In perception after the fact; President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, relieved his Minister of Transport and Communication when the Togolese supporters languished in a helicopter crash. That is how responsible governments do behave. People should pay for serious acts that are harmful to the country. When the health minister of the SLPP blatantly refused to respond to UNAMSIL accident, she was asked to resign because she acted in a way that was considered as inhuman and somehow irresponsible. Again that is the pattern a responsible government should adopt.

It seems that is not the way of the APC. I have been telling the people of Sierra Leone that the APC is here to destroy our country not to develop the country. It is now clear that President Koroma is using the country’s resources for his personal gains. That must stop!!! Throughout my life as a journalist, I have both experienced and observed the destructive power of dishonest communication of the APC. I have on several occasions told the people of Sierra Leone that the APC politicians are a bunch of dishonest Sierra Leoneans that are ready only to bring the people hardship. When we lie, we destroy relationships – both the one we have with ourselves and those we have with others. Lying is counter communicative and destructive. It erodes the very foundation of every nation. It is a time bomb that will eventually destroy both the listener and the one that is lying. To tell a lie weakens the already weak esteem of the lie- teller. The person to whom the lie is told, whether that person finds out the truth or not, feels the lie’s effects. Why? Because lies are negative communications that take away what is attempting to be built. That’s exactly what the present APC have done.

The former government had some genuine agenda that the country was supposed to have been built upon, but the APC have turned that to be containers of lies and now the country has gone 50 years backward. The only true foundation a country can be built on is trust and the truth. In the recent revelations of Alhaji I.B. Kargbo, that trust has been eroded very badly. The trust that the people of Sierra Leone placed on President Koroma has been ripped of him by his own person. It is done as far as I am concerned. The APC and President Koroma should call it quits. No one said this for them, it is the very powerful mastermind; IB Kargbo, that revealed the secret of the society they belong to. It is IB Kargbo that has told us this particular APC is a “kapu-kapu” system of government that should not be added to the curricula of secondary school pupils that are reading government as a subject. So, the majority Sierra Leoneans are falling apart with this government because of trust – if it was ever there – it has been finally washed away because of this single action.

One more lie; one more time bomb. I. B. Kargbo should resign now!

By Umaru Sitta Turay, USA

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One Comment on "One More Lie; One More Time Bomb – I.B. Kargbo Must Resign Now!"

  1. yankay seisay on Mon, 18th Oct 2010 4:11 pm 

    lot of trash not worth commenting on . same old bull shit .


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