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Page added on October 22, 2010

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Ibrahimovic kicks Rodney Strasser in the back

A recent video on Box Office Football recently showed Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic give Sierra Leonean midfielder Rodney Strasser a kick in the back, the site described it as a crazy moment as he kicks out at Rodney Strasser in an AC Milan training session. For reasons unknown as you can see in the video the Swede is up to his dirty ways again.

The question was why did he do it? And just to rub it in he goes and hugs Ronaldihno   former World best player, this is class a racist act from the Swedish international.

Rodney after Zlatan act turns around looking as dejected as none of his team mates said a word after the Swedes nasty act very strange. Many soccer fans are not happy with the Swedish crazy moment.  (Photo: Strasser in action for Milan)

Other websites described it a mystery- Why the Swede chose to kick out at the Sierra Leonean international, before he went over to hug Ronaldihno, remains a mystery.


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3 Comments on "Ibrahimovic kicks Rodney Strasser in the back"

  1. yankay seisay on Fri, 22nd Oct 2010 8:37 am 

    Ibrhimovic is a coward . He will not dare to do that to sedorf . Because he will surely get his a** kicked.
    All I can say to the young strasser prove yourself in the pitch and be courageous. This is the western world for you . It did not start on you neither will it stop on you . Ibrahimovic behaviour is more of coward than of racism. He is jealous of the young boy breaking through the seniors so soon .

  2. MANSO BANGURA on Fri, 22nd Oct 2010 11:30 am 

    Hey Rodney, dont mind Ibra. That’s why he was chased out of Barca. I agree with the Yankay, Ibra was just demonstrating his tendency of perspescuous manifestation of diametric cowardice and such euphoria of an incomplete, uncivilized professional manarism. I think he does not realize that he is fit to father Rodney. Rodney play on. He can never make u feel inferior without your consent. Dont even let him try that. You have always been very studious and comitted in what ever you do since you were a boy at Fourah bay Field.

  3. Benson Strasser-Williams on Mon, 27th Dec 2010 6:31 pm 

    Blatant racism! Keep working hard Rodney. Not surprised, that’s Zlatan for you. That is the behaviour of a coward and you showed the true “Strasser spirit” by keeping your cool. Bet he is never going to repeat that again as he would face the true colours of the son of “Gagool the Great”.


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