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Page added on October 21, 2009

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Issues At Large 10-21-09

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The Blacks In Canada

It is not just our own resettled compatriots who are now in Canada are the only members of the African ancestry.

Black people have been part of the Canadian story from the seventeenth century, yet most historians have tended to study merely the several thousand fugitive slaves who sought refuge “under the lion’s paw” in the years before the Civil War.

Africans have lived in Canada for nearly as long as in the present United States. In 1628, nine years after a Dutch ship unloaded the first cargo of Africans in James Town, David Kirke, the so-called English Conqueror of Quebec, brought a slave boy to the French shores, and Africans were present in New France and in British North America.

Those who were slaves gained their freedom in 1834, in common with all British empires and at a time when Blacks from Canada and Nova Scotia as well as Jamaica were been shipped to Freetown and set free to start life anew.

Sierra Leone has strong links with Canada that the Government of President Ernest Koroma should explore.

The DNA system may well help African Canadians establish links with their ancestors.

Canadian tourists may also gained great insight in touring Sierra Leone.


The Bumbuna Syndrome

While government is meticulously concluding the final phase of the Bumbuna Hydro Electric project, some sections of the Sierra Leonean public is stating otherwise.

The reality is that for a project that kicked off over thirty years ago, it will be a mystery for it to be suddenly seen working.

The need for the whole country is clearly the wish of any right thinking government, the concern is that in their haste to receive the expected 24/7 electricity supply, they have failed to consider the rickety electrical lines and how this might set up a configuration that may well cause the disaster of the century.

Meanwhile, it is easier to bash the administration of Ernest Koroma with the whip of the Bumbuna light. Talk show presenters and even comedians have not been left out in the ridiculing of a massive project that is one of the great examples of engineering feat and human endurance in the country, harnessing the powers of nature and bringing it into our homes to serve us.


Securing Our Border

While president Koroma has been quick to declare a Military Aiding Civilian Policing on high alert, the head of state has not been so swift in establishing a tight control of our borders. This explains the spate of free movements into Sierra Leone as well as departure along our porous borders.

The border with Kono and neighbouring Guinea alone has over twenty five entry points and only two are manner by police officers.

The issue of Sierra Leoneans suffering at the hands of Guinean security forces is now an accepted inconvenience like someone accepting the fate that thunder brings to his or her cattle out in the farm.

There is a need for the government to show commitment to preserving not only our borders but also the lives and properties of Sierra Leoneans living along the periphery of the nation.


..And Yenga Is Forgotten

The issue of Yenga, once one of the issues generating debate in the local media and on the internet has suddenly become a dead issue.

Even newspaper editors now avoid Yenga, preferring Captain Moussa Dadis Camara as being news worthy while publishing pictures of dead Guineans. Should the government of Ernest Bai Koroma concentrate on the more serious problem of a trigger happy military regime, or should there be a twin focal point of dialogue and the carrot and stick gesture?

Nobody really knows, but as a good government does everywhere in the world, it is better to take away the interest of the people from the domestic issue to international catastrophe. The threat of the return of Mr. Jones of the Manor farm putting the animals in ‘Animal Farm’ under constant docility might not be too far fetched, considering the circumstances.

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