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Page added on January 3, 2011

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Welcoming Speech for Hon. Diana F. Konomanyi Chairlady – Kono District, Eastern Province Sierra Leone: January 1st 2011

Welcoming Speech for Hon. Diana F. Konomanyi Chairlady – Kono District, Eastern Province Sierra Leone:  January 1st 2011 thumbnail

Ladies and Gentlemen, on behalf of all the Sierra Leone community, The APC Washington DC Metropolitan Chapter, and the Kono Descendant Union here in the Washington DC Metropolitan area, it is with profound honor that I take this singular opportunity to extend a hand of welcome to one of Sierra Leone’s finest and most excellent; Chairlady of the Kono District – Diana F. Konomanyi to this august assembly.  The strength of this very distinguished assembly that came to witness this ceremony, is a testament to the very high esteem we hold our celebrated visitor. (Photo: Kono District Chairlady: Diana F. Konomanyi)

Ladies and gentlemen, for some of us, this is not the first time we are personally meeting such a highly placed APC Party devotee outside our country. We are more accustomed to playing host to politicians but for such a celebrated functionary; this woman at the helm of the APC Party of our country, chose to visit us and in this part of the country, we will take this as a monumental blessing to the APC Washington DC Chapter, the Kono Descendant Union and under the leadership of Abdul Bero Kamara and his able executive. This is indeed a privilege.

It is without equivocation; Hon. Diana F. Konomanyi is a career politician and a political pundit of the APC. Coming from a modest beginning, Hon. Konomanyi walked her way through the rank and file of this APC Party over the years with distinguished political colors. Through leaps and bounds and coupled with loyalty to her political career, her dedicated service to the APC Party and people of Sierra Leone, this celebrated APC echelon, had earned the highest office in her district.  No doubt, ascendancy to such a pinnacle requires honesty, hard work, diligence, dedication, discipline and service beyond the call of duty. Hon. Diana F. Konomanyi has done it all! During her electioneering campaign, the people of the entire Kono District fulfilled their promises. She defeated her opponent and won this election with a landslide victory during the APC Kono District Chairmanship.

Chairlady Diana F. Konomanyi; has been a dedicated APC icon to the core and she has discharged her duties with honor and alacrity. Her very rank as a District Chairlady in Kono District shows the confidence to which the APC party has reposed on her, the government and the people of Sierra Leone and the entire Kono District as a whole.

Politicking is a very difficult task. Maintaining the people’s confidence and order in a country of five million people and managing such a large army of political loyalists is also a colossal task. Meticulously, the “Iron Lady” Hon. Diana F Konomanyi has effectively steered that institutional cog with successful efficiency.

Diana, you are a true daughter of Sierra Leone. We love you and thank you. Welcome -Welcome – Welcome.


DC's finest and Freetown Iron Lady

APC-WDC Metro Chapter attendees were:

Abdul Bero Kamara (Pres. Elect), Ibrahim Sesay (VP), Essa T. Kamara (Sec. Gen.), Mrs. Kadie Kargbo (Treasurer), Abie Daramy (Fin. Sec.), Zulia Cooper (Org. Sec.), Arolyn I. Koroma (PRO), Marie Salim (Chair Lady), Mbalu Bangura (Youth Director), Gibril Sesay “Songo Train” (Pub. Sec), Mrs. Marie Beckley,   Ms. Fatty Jay, Ms. Fatu Turay, Mrs. Fatimata Pettiquoi, Mrs. Subbie Bangura , & etc. USA.

Or-Saieeee!   Or-Wa-eeee!

By: Essa Thaim Kurugba, USA

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