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Page added on February 22, 2011

APC-NA Chairman’s Inaugural Message – Houston Chapter

APC-NA Chairman’s Inaugural Message – Houston Chapter thumbnail

February 19, 2011 – Al-Aziz Turay, APC-NA Chairman’s inaugural message to the newly formed Houston, Texas APC Chapter & North America:  (Photo: Al-Aziz Turay)

H.E. Ambassador Stevens!
Vice Chairman Mr. Sallieu Conteh!
Hon. Dauda Tombo Bangura!
Mr. President!
Chapter Presidents & Executive members!
Members of various Committees!
Representatives from other political parties!
Fellow Sierra Leoneans!
Distinguished guests!
Ladies & gentlemen, all protocols observed.

Mr. President, it gives me the greatest honor to stand here tonight with all dignitaries and party members, as we witness this memorable inauguration and the official integration of the newly formed Houston chapter into our branch.  I am humbled to start by congratulating you and your executive to APC North America Branch.

When I received the invitation to come here, I agreed with a great sense of privilege and honor.  I want to thank every one of you, but most especially my family and the Almighty Allah for giving me the strength and opportunity to perform this ceremony.

On behalf of the APC North America branch, let me express my genuine appreciation for the opportunity given to me to inaugurate this chapter.  I want to thank the national executive for their exceptional services to our branch and party.  And I also want to thank our guests for honoring our invitation.  Our presence here tonight is a demonstration of our strength and commitment to our party as people of one nation.

Houston is the second chapter I inaugurated in my capacity as chairman of this branch as such, I treasure you all and I will encourage you to emulate good examples from those chapters that seek the interest of our party.  Furthermore, I am asking for your commitment and willingness to help reconcile our differences and work for the interest of our party, our people and our country.

As you enter the realm of the APC – NA, you are now faced with the many challenges that left our branch striving for unity, peace, reconciliation and of course our dedication to H.E. President Ernest Bai Koroma’s agenda for attitudinal change.

The North America branch has endured long time dominance in exercising its devotion to our party; and it is very important that we stand firm to maintain patience, tolerance and unity for the benefit of our party and country.  As we celebrate the inauguration of this great chapter to add to our existing number, we are also confident that our strength lies behind our membership as a political party.  However, it is my honor and privilege to re-echo to you all again that you have become members of a branch that faces a lot trials and challenges.

It is our responsibility to work as a family of professionals; and yes, we can do just that.  But we can only do that by working as a team. In any organization people are bound to have differences and of course different views, different opinions and different styles but, those differences can only benefit us if we use them collectively to work for the good of our party, our people and our country.

Fellow party members, we know the good work our government is doing. However, we also know the tasks that lie ahead of us.  North America is at the cross roads but I have confidence in you all. I cannot afford to lose any member especially knowing what you can bring to the table.  To every one of you out there, I cherish you all, I love you, I need you; and I am asking for your support to lift this chapter and the APCNA branch to a higher height.  I want to make sure we utilize the potentials of every member to the fullest.  At this defining moment of our branch, I want to encourage all members to refrain from any behavior that will threaten the unity of our union.  I ask all of you to join hands together as we prepare for Sierra Leone’s 50th anniversary and the 2012 general elections.

I want reconciliation to be our philosophy and a true spirit of our leadership style.  We must once again demonstrate, to non APC supporters here and around the world that, when it comes to the APC, our commitment to make the party succeed transcends our individual pettiness and personal gains.  There is no doubt that my administration is working and will continue to work hard to recruit more members into the branch because we cannot sit by and compromise our party’s win in 2012.

Mr. President and executive members, being in the position of leadership is not an easy task.  It can be difficult sometimes especially when everybody concerned cannot be directly involved in making the work done the way it should be done for the benefit of everybody. However as a people, it is our responsibility and obligation to promote the ideology of our party, our country and its leadership by doing whatever little we can, to make things work or provide support to those who can make it work.

Distinguished guest ladies and gentlemen, let me convey a message of hope to all APC members and other Sierra Leoneans out there, that we are one people. No matter how we differ in thoughts and in words, we can and should always strive to work together.  So I take this opportunity again today to call on every APC member (Sierra Leoneans in general) to be patriotic and always think as a SIERRA LEONEAN first in good and bad times.

Let me once again seize this opportunity to congratulate the leadership of this great chapter and its membership.  I want to thank our invited guests and supporters, of course all Sierra Leoneans and friends of Sierra Leone who are present here tonight for honoring our invitation.  I also call upon our folks here and everywhere to join us in wishing the best for ourselves, our party and our country.  I thank you all and may God continue to bless the APC, and the great Nation of Sierra Leone.

God bless you all!

AL – Aziz Turay

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