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Page added on June 17, 2011

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Searchlight 6-17-2011

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Urgent action for street children!

To be honest with you good folks, Searching Man has never been impressed with the way and manner in which The Day of the African Child has been observed in this country, because he has always believed that the significance of the day has been completely misunderstood and taken out of context.

As far as Searcher knows the day is a sorrowful one and not one on which children should be made to eat and drink and dance. Perhaps talking to them on what actually happened in the Soweto Township in South Africa on June 16, 1976 will be more appropriate.

Happily however good old Searcher has observed that in observing the day this year, calls have been made to remove children from the streets and for children to be educated on their rights.

Searching Man endorses these calls with all the power in his beam.

No more merry making and extravagant spending on this day. Henceforth let the day highlight the plight of children and advocate for them.

Forever it should be “urgent action for children.”


Searcher condemns Ibrahim Foday’s murder

When Searching Man heard of the stabbing to death of Exclusive Newspaper Reporter, Ibrahim Foday, on Sunday, June 12 this year, he felt so bad he could neither eat nor sleep that night. Even as he is talking to you folks about it now he is still very perturbed and worried.

Worried that people can go to a meeting armed with knives and actually stab a Journalist who was just doing his work. Worried that security can be so absent in meetings of such nature that people can actually have the chance to kill and wound others there. Worried that Journalists are not safe to do their work in this country. Worried that maybe the murderer or murderers of this poor man might be left to work free.

But trust Searching Man, he is going to follow this matter to its logical conclusion and woe betide anyone who tries to downplay its seriousness.

And with all the power in his beam, Searcher condemns the killers of Ibrahim Foday and prays that they will receive their due justice.

Is Ernest Bai Koroma a usurper or a dictator?

Since the President made the pronouncement early this month ordering the reduction of fuel prices and a ten percent tax cut on rice, Searching Man has been wondering whether President Ernest Bai Koroma was actually the most appropriate official to make such a statement.

Would it not have been more prudent for such a sensitive matter to have been tabled before Parliament by the Minister of Trade, let it be debated and a decision taken on it so that it would have the force of law? For the President to have made the order was he not usurping the powers of both the Trade Minister and the Sierra Leone Parliament?  Funnily enough, traders don’t seem to have cooperated with the order and they still sell items at exorbitant prices. Sadly though the tax regime will reflect a ten percent cut on rice. So this means that at the end of the day, the target of the National Revenue Authority (NRA) will not be achieved and there is going to be some cuts in budgets of some Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Local Governments.

What a blunder!

Rebel bus: OMS Transport-ADJ 335 goes away

Searching Man is happy to inform you good folks that following the penetration of his team on that lawless driver who used to park that very massive bus in the middle of the street at Saroulla, Bye Pass Road, Kissy, the rebel driver has now stopped [parking his bus in that place.

Searcher was however told that before he left, he said some very bad things about good old Searcher’s mother.

Well, that is understandable, because the language of a rebel is always bad and Searching Man is never bothered by the cussing of rebels.

At least he is happy to note that his leaving the place is good riddance to bad rubbish!

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