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Page added on October 24, 2011

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President Koroma shuns Mohamed Bangura

President Koroma shuns Mohamed Bangura thumbnail

Following SLPP (Sierra Leone People’s Party) disclosures of recorded discussion between Mohamed Bangura (leader United Democratic Movement Party) and one allegedly Ngaoja fellow, it has reached this press that there is stern disagreement between the forenamed political leader and President Koroma.

That attempt by Mohamed Bangura to see President Koroma was rejected by guards attached to the office of the President.

It could be recalled that Mohamed, about a week or so, confessed that a conversation between him and a colleague was, in 2008, secretly recorded and presented to Charles Margai- leader of the People’s Movement for Democratic Change.

“Even though the tape was observed doctored,” Mohamed said, “it is true that my voice was indeed recorded, but for about 30 seconds, and not one minute or so, as purported by some members of the opposition SLPP.”

According to Mohamed, he has had political discussion with the present Deputy Spokesperson of the governing All People Congress (APC) party in his vehicle in 2008.

“Later,” he said, “it was proved that the conversation was recorded and cassette forwarded to my former leader, Charles Francis Margai, cheats leader – People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) – party.”

“Charles Margai called me a betrayal and played a tape in which a conversation between me and someone else was recorded.”

Mohamed denied telling anyone that President Koroma gave him cash US$800,000 as start up sponsorship to have him form a new political party.

He practically denied telling anyone that President Koroma is his buddy and knows all his girlfriends.

As Mohamed re-stated his actual and exact words on tape, and even though he claims it was 30 seconds discussion, his explanation was above one minute.

A source who asked for his name not to be mentioned told this press that Mohamed’s connections with the President no longer exist at all.

That barely after the Radio Democracy 98.1 airing of the voice recording, exemplifying Mohamed’s charlatan that President Koroma gave him thousands of United State dollars for the formation of his United Democratic Movement (UDM) party, and that he knows all of the President’s concubines, his right of entry to and from the office and resident of the President no longer exists.

Alleged utterances of Mohamed as secretly recorded are but nothing new to considerable number of Sierra Leoneans.

Interviews conducted reveal that Mohamed has had a close affiliation with President Koroma and was seemingly an undercover agent for him.

Credible information reaching this press states nonetheless that Mohamed’s withdrawal from the PMDC party to form the newly inaugurated UDM party, bears serious political thoughtfulness from within the hierarchy of the ruling APC party.

Reflection is however drawn to an allegation once made by the leadership of the PMDC, Charles Margai that it was President who was subsidizing Mohamed’s hunts to destabilize his party – the PMDC.

Inspite of the fact that neither the APC party nor the office of the President has reacted to the aired and alleged soundtrack of Mohamed, which among other things states that President Koroma gave US$800,000 to facilitate the formation of the UDM party, the public has asked that the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC)  investigates utterances as in tape.

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