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Page added on November 11, 2011

25 students remanded for cultism in Bo

25 students remanded for cultism in Bo thumbnail

The Bo Magistrate Court Thursday 10th refused bail to twenty five students of Njala and Fourah Bay College Universities who answered to charges of conspiracy, unlawful assembly, and unlawful initiation.

Musa Sumaila, Emmanuel May, Adel Fofanah, Lawrence Dugba, Amara Sagba, Ibrahim Kanu, Ibrahim Issa Kamara, Catherine Clement, Soboy Shekumani Swarray, Sia Fonja, Patient Mansaray, Abie Sannoh, Memunatu Kanu, Nancy Kamara, Sirray Jalloh, Mariama Kamara, Nafisatu Smart, Victoria Johnson and Bridgette Lavally Wednesday 9th were arrested between Falaba and Geoma Villages two miles from Bo town.

The trial of the forenamed University students has sparked discuss from among persons resident in Bo town.

Sources say that students of Njala and FBC have had unfailing moments initiating newcomers in colleges countrywide as cult members.

The arrest of the twenty five came barely after tip off was given the police in Bo that some two hundred or more university students are at a bush along the Bo highway to unlawfully perform an initiation ceremony there.

That a combined team of police officers under the command of the Local Unit Commander Bo Police Station, Chief Superintendent Lahai, hurried to the scene of crime where eventually they saw sizeable number of persons half nakedly dressed.

According to CSP Lahai, they were found in the possession of dangerous drugs, alcohol and offensive weapons.

He said however that, upon this, he wasted no time but ordered his boys effect arrest on persons overindulging in cultism.

 “On our arrival at the scene, we bumped into hundreds of young men and women; some half naked, others smoking cannabis (diamba) and drinking alcohol,” CSP Lahai said.

“Even though many escaped arrest, about twenty five were arrested and are currently before magistrate Stevens of the Bo court answering to three count charges of conspiracy, unlawful initiation and unlawful assembly.”

The accused are reportedly remanded at the Bo prison and will be making their second appearance this morning.

This press has been told that family members of the accused witnessed the court appearance of their loved ones.

It is still not known whether the police have it in mind going after persons identified as ring leaders, who are at large, and equally proffer charges against them.

It could be recalled that the office of the President has longed imposed a ban on cult activities particularly in colleges.

Some two years ago, Late Mohamed Juana, a student of FBC, was practically murdered in cold blood by number of University students, as at periods having him go through cult initiation.

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One Comment on "25 students remanded for cultism in Bo"

  1. Emmanuel "Shelley" Conteh, Mankato, Minn on Fri, 11th Nov 2011 11:02 pm 

    This all explains why I have argued that the “Athens of West Africa” claim is nothing but a myth! Because of the flury of 19th century British educational activities, Sierra Leone became the early cradle of Westernization. Nonetheless, this status hasn’t made us shed some of our savage instincts that easily pass off for our culture.

    To associate the savagery mentioned in this story with university students, tells why the country is still reeling from bad leadership. We ought to be ashame of ourselves!


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