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Page added on November 16, 2011

Climate change: Lozenges for global warming and geoengineering skeptics

Climate change: Lozenges for global warming and geoengineering skeptics thumbnail

There is some “good news” following press reports in the past weeks that people known for climate change skepticism are shifting their stance. Thank You Sirs, but we know that inaction regarding the needed international climate change agreement is not because of the number of skeptics or their strengths. There are issues holding the deal from being powered to reality for now.

While predictions abound that we might be nearing a time for global warming “foreclosures”, geoengineering is proposed in the face of laggard towards this deal. For both climate change and geoengineering, there are questions, questions requiring convincing answers to clear the air or prop support.

Many still doubt if climate change is really happening while others are not at ease with the tune of intended response. Geoengineering (especially space based) is also facing a mix of questions. Pushing for a deal or supports for geoengineering are moves aligned with having a safe planet; the latter may never be necessary if the former is adopted and sustained.

The climate change issue is getting bigger and bigger, sometimes the wish is that “if only emissions from a country or region affect only those staying there”. This wish contrasts reality because the atmosphere is shared and air motions up there do not know if one place is Africa or the Archipelagos.

Human mentation requires that questions are asked about things and processes; even more are asked if those processes are new in a particular direction. The biggest issues lie in asking assaultive questions that can hinder progress or innovation.

Global warming or geoengineering are processes offering alteration to the earth climate system in their own respect; global warming is ongoing and already part of our existence given per capita emission globally. Geoengineering is sought to save but may drive the earth into devastation if it is not carried out carefully.

For now, geoengineering can be avoided and postponed, but global warming without a deal for caution is continuing and may lead to a point that we can’t divorce it from harming the environment. We sure will take at least one option of these: cut a deal, continue our emissions or adopt geoengineering.

We are already to the second one, and the last one is likely giving experiments and procedures offered within a safe range; Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) and Ozone Layer Geoengineering (OLG). The first option too is approached in bits after every UN year-end climate change meeting.

The climate change phenomenon is continuously painted with evidence and doubts making strange what should be a common ground. Climate change is not in the forefront of challenges for most nations, so agreeing to cutback in a deal that may affect other concerns may have us see a protraction in achieving the first and best objective.

As advances in technologies and development grow, Health and Earth Sciences remain the most important to life; incurables have their issues which medical scientists are working to fight; climate change as a growing “anthropogenic-induced likely natural disaster” is having different proposals for solutions. We may continue to argue and disagree even when we know some truth and risk the factors that life depends on.

“Don’t take the risk except its necessary” is a phrase for a calculated approach; the risk either for a deal or geoengineering is becoming necessary as each day passes.

Those with questions and doubts may need a rephrase or re-look because in a little while these ‘risks’ will be deployed leaving some in oblivion.

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