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Page added on February 13, 2012

Sierra Leone’s Usman Boie Kamara: I’m neither APC nor SLPP

Sierra Leone’s Usman Boie Kamara: I’m neither APC nor SLPP thumbnail

The embattled former presidential flagbearer aspirant, Alhaji Usman Boie Kamara has broken his silence on his position as to whether he has defected to the ruling All People’s Congress following Maada Bio’s appointment of Dr. Kadi Sesay as running mate. He spoke to a gathering of family members and well wishers in the northern Mandingo speaking town of Karina, Briwa Chiefdom, Bombali District, some twenty eight miles from Makeni on Friday February 10th declaring that he is neutral and is trying to maintain his calm position so far.  He said he is neither APC nor SLPP at the moment.

In his keynote address, Usu Boie thanked the people of Karina for their resilience and loyalty paid to him.

He travelled with Pa Morlai Sidom, a political icon that has darkened the wall of politics, and one of the wisest men from Kenema East Region M A Sandy.  The two have stood firm behind UBKs political aspirations.  Sheik S I Koroma, former Imam to Dr. Alhaji Ahmad Tejan Kabbah during his rein in power was not left out, Mr. Gbassay Sesay AKA (Tamemko) from Port Loko, Haja Fanta Sheriff, from Makeni and a good number of south, east, and western region entourage traveled in his convoy.

The occasion was intended to be a family get together, but was quickly transformed into politics following the attendance of ex-president Ahmad Tejan Kabba and wife Isata Jabbie-Kabba, where the SLPP women’s leader actually posed a question to Usu Boie regarding his long silence over his political future.

Responding Usu Boie answered; it was not time yet to speak on his hanging political future.  He said he would surely speak when the time is ripe and not a day before.

Usu Boie at the moment is a figure of controversy in the political arena of Sierra Leone with many SLPP loyalists accusing him of shifting his loyalty away from the party he once called his.

In the build up to the appointment of a comfortable running mate to the incumbent Julius Maada Bio, many thought he would have been chosen owing to his popularity in the north and western area and would have won the SLPP a clean sweep.  Until recently, allegations and trade of thoughts were abound that he has defected to the ruling All People’s Congress.

It is said in many quarters in the country and within Sierra Leonean communities around the world that Usu Boie is currently a ‘political Messi’ hotly needed by all major political parties in the country.  It is obvious that the debate in the country centering around his immense contribution on socio-economic transformation, in a sense placed his candidature for the highest bidding political party to take advantage of his local and international image.

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3 Comments on "Sierra Leone’s Usman Boie Kamara: I’m neither APC nor SLPP"

  1. Jon on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 10:19 am 

    I am very disappointed with Osman Boi Kamara.Is he begging for a position in APC Government??

  2. Mohamed Sorie Kamara on Mon, 13th Feb 2012 8:01 pm 

    What are you disappointed at, Jon? the man was treated like a stranger in his own party and what you expect him to? SLPP is a very ungrateful party…..

    If they can treat a man that have done so much for the SLPP, and today the mandi people are referring to him as a stranger… I am much more disapointed at Madda Bio for not acting as a leader….But I don’t blame him either because he’s junta!!!!! everything they do, it’s by force!!!!!!

  3. Ken josiah on Mon, 18th Jun 2012 5:57 pm 

    He was SLPP, then neither SLPP nor APC, then APC. Soon he will declare Guinean citizenship by rejecting Sierra Leonean nationality


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