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Page added on March 12, 2012

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NEC and the Kailahun syndrome

NEC and the Kailahun syndrome thumbnail

The incident that occurred in Segbwema where ten under-aged school girls were arrested while attempting to register using fake birth certificates displays the wicked and nefarious ideas perpetuated by some politicians in our country.

Clearly, there is a great deal of explanation for the kids to do, but more especially those who hatched such a negative plan need to be punished for making innocent kids undertake corrupt acts.

One would want to ask; if a political party has the temerity of actually recruiting innocent girls into performing corrupt acts, what will such politicians do if they are in power? – A chilling question to ponder.

Kailahun is not new when it comes to falsifications of electoral materials and sadly, it seems the District is still carrying the name as done in the past Presidential and Parliamentary elections of 2007.

Our minds are still fresh from the days of the Kailahun Court Barrie syndrome when false voter cards were printed and stuffed into the polling box all in an attempt to ensure then ruling Sierra Leone People’s party emerging victorious.

Clearly, the hapless school girls did not take the decision to fraudulently vote on their own volition. The girl children were actually incited by politicians from that District and the sad aspect of it being, one of those caught in the act includes an SLPP Member of Parliament, Hon. Robin Fallay.

Hon. Fallay did not take his own underage girl and give her a forged birth certificate; he rather preferred to risk the children of other people. As a strong hold of the opposition SLPP, claims and allegations have already started attributing the act as an action undertaken by members of the opposition.

While police are engaged in investigations and as the matter has already been sent to court, we will leave the right authorities to undertake the verification and make the truth known.

The question we will want to ask is: Why is it that some politicians are so desperate to gain power that they do not mind sending innocent kids to prison? Will they send their own kids to the same situation? – A resounding NO.

In view of such an act, we at Sierra Express Media are therefore asking, indeed calling on government to carry out a diligent investigation and those found culpable be brought book in accordance with the laws of the land.

To the Judiciary, we call on the Chief Justice to ensure that the underage girls are treated with leniency, while those who are proved to have incited them bear the brunt of all the punishment. This is the only manner in which the government and NEC can send a proper message to dissenters and other dangerous elements out to sabotage the entire election process.

We at Sierra Express Media are watching.

Stay with Sierra Express Media, for your trusted place in news!

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