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Page added on March 21, 2012

‘Identify yourselves…’ Murtala tells Nigerian youths

‘Identify yourselves…’  Murtala tells Nigerian youths thumbnail

Award winning journalist, Murtala Mohamed Kamara, has appealed to a gathering of mostly young people in Nigeria’s largest city Ibadan for them to identify themselves first and foremost if they want to succeed in life.

Kamara was speaking as a guest on ‘Dreams Come True’ with Jazzyb, an informational TV talk show.

“I urge you to try and identify yourself. Try and find out who you are. There is a hidden talent in all of us but until we identify that talent the journey to success would be very difficult,’’ the Sierra Leonean said Sunday, at the Jogor Event Center, Liberty Road.

The Founder of SaloneJamboree added: “the first stage is to identify yourself.  When you identify yourself, believe in yourself, work hard… Above all put God first in everything you do.”

Sharing his story further, the young journalist recalled how he went through a series of challenges in life. He told the audience that he was almost rejected after birth and saw his mother go through untold suffering during his upbringing. He recalled how he was called names for years and later faced discrimination at home.

“The good thing is that I was able to brave all that and share my story with you today. Do not believe when society says you will not make it in life. Success starts with you. You are what you think you are,” he said.

Murtala with Jazzy b live on stage

For Murtala, there were two alternatives in the struggle to success: The one path that leads to the ghetto and the other part that leads to where he is presently.

“I chose this path against the ghetto because I knew all those years that this path will lead to success and a better life.’’

Responding to a question from one of the youths on what makes him fulfilled, Kamara said simply to live for a purpose.

“You must find a purpose of living; for me that is what makes me fulfilled. To me money is not everything. I have seen it all. I want to live for others. I want to be able to help others. That is the legacy I want to leave. I have been there before and I want to pull those that are still there.”

The Sierra Leonean entertainment promoter said he dedicated his success to his mother whom he said gave him the greatest support. “This program comes at a better time, on the International Women’s Day. Therefore, I want to dedicate this day to the strongest woman I have known, my mother and all other women.”

Several Nigerian youths lined up the hall to pose their questions to the young leader which he answered one after the other.

The session left some of the audience in tears as Kamara narrated his story.

He thanked Dr. Addonis Abboud of Transnationa (SL) Ltd for giving him the opportunity to share his story by providing him a return ticket to Nigeria, and all those who have supported him over the years.

Kamara also thanked Jazzy B, the presenter of Dreams Come True, and the people of Ibadan for their support.

“Nigerians are among the most beautiful people on earth. I must confess that I was a bit scared to come to your country based on what I saw in the news, but I have experienced a completely different Nigeria. You are very hospitable and I will definitely take this message wherever I go,” he said.

And he concluded: “thank you Ibadan, thank you Nigeria.”

Several youths later lined up to get a snapshot with Kamara and also thanked him for inspiring them. Individual prayers were offered for him to return safely and continue with the good work he has been doing.

Kamara was also invited earlier at The Bridge Network Church to give a talk on Initiative.

Dreams Come True is an informational talk show which seeks to empower young people to fulfil their dreams. Murtala Mohamed Kamara became the first International guest for the show. He was also showcased alongside the Godfather of Nigeria stand-up comedy, Ali Baba.

The show will be broadcast on NTA and various other satellite channels at a schedule date which will be announced later.

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