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Woman Tok with Princetta Williams

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Fistula – The Vagina Vaseco Fistula (VVF) is a disease generally affecting women and a large number of its victims are from sub-Sahara Africa that is more cultured with unsafe initiation practices.  (Photo: Princetta Williams, author)

What is Fistula?

According to a Medical practitioner, Dr. Alyona Lewis who happens to be an obstetric fistula surgeon, it is a condition that can easily ruin a woman’s life and can transform even the most beautiful and admirable woman into a septic tank and an outcast.

How can one get Fistula?

This particular illness is being caught during delivery and its caused due to prolonged labour.  It happens when a child during delivery comes between the urinary tract and the birth canal.  With this illness a woman or girl suffers much more than a hole in the bladder which can occur during prolonged labour, and mostly when a woman is being forced to deliver, especially by traditional birth attendants, either in homes or in centers being used by heads of secret society as delivery centers.


  1. Teenage pregnancy is regarded as one major factors for fistula, taking into consideration that most girls who become pregnant are not physically fit for such a venture and so as a result they go through so many pains while in labour which can leave them with complications resulting to fistula.
  2. Poverty is another factor as it’s due to the poverty in the home that some parents do give their under aged children for marriage.
  3. Rape or indecent assault –when an energetic man rapes a young and skinny under aged girl he might fracture some of her inner parts through some amount of pressure during the intercourse.
  4. Early Marriage

It is of importance that you the readers note that as a result of having fistula one with it normally gets a bad smell as she urinates and stool using one particular area (the same place).

Treatments for Fistula patients have been long ongoing since 2002 at the Princess Christian Maternity Hospital, Mercy Ship Aberdeen, West African Fistula Centre in Bo, and Aberdeen Women Centre which has been operating patients with Fistula for free on a full time basis.

May I conclude by admonishing all women to please be visiting hospitals in order to have a safe delivery and avoid encountering Fistula.  Remember we the women are the backbone of development, so we need not be sick but be very hard working so as to improve both our family lives and our country at large.

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