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Page added on March 31, 2012

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Stretching the political tides in Mama Salone

Stretching the political tides in Mama Salone thumbnail

The atmosphere in Sierra Leone is mixed at the moment with tales of happenings. We just saw the government’s white paper revelation of the Shears Moses report which indicts the Minister of Internal Affairs, Musa Tarawally and two police officers for being perpetrators of political violence in the country.

The frays of political allegations are heating up every moment as if campaigns have begun. A current stalemate is sorting from recent testimonies alleged stooges of political parties made in a press conference the Deputy Government spokesperson, Sylvester Swarray spearheaded.

An air of violence is perceived by many who think the two leading candidates in the persons of Julius Maada Bio and the incumbent Ernest Bai Koroma are hosting operatives that are capable of unleashing terror and obstructing the peaceful settlement of the citizens.

Maada Bio, a former junta is quoted in many quarters to have said he would not contend a rig of his vote casts – a possible reason the SLPP said, robbed them of their victory in the 2007 elections.

The APC on the other hand have contended to let power off if they are voted out in the November 17 polls. They have had records of attacking the opposition SLPP headquarters on three separate occasions.

We have continued to see the emergence of political groups in favour and support of candidates – desperately clamoring for power without doing much for their electorates. These likely situations of crazier passions are what we are afraid of as it would lead to excessiveness and extremism to contending with realities.

This is more the reason why Sierra Express Media supported the coming of the International Criminal Court (ICC) into the observing focus, so that it would help by quelling possible tensions politicians might want to put on in brave combat.

The UN has done much to ameliorate the eleven years of suffering Sierra Leoneans have been through and we don’t want to see a reverse of such gains.

We demand the attention of the international community as their presence would help the country to record good evidences of an independent credits to the future unfolding events and situations in the country.

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One Comment on "Stretching the political tides in Mama Salone"

  1. Edie Bayor on Sun, 1st Apr 2012 6:22 pm 

    Thanks SEM that is why am always praising you and I do refer any who want read an indipendence newspaper from Sierra Leone SEM is number 1. God bless you I support your idea for ICC to be in Sierra Leone before election and untill declaration of the winner.


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