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Page added on April 4, 2012

Ragga Spice spices his music tales

Ragga Spice spices his music tales thumbnail

Alusine Sesay popularly known in his artist name as Ragga Spice says his life is led on solid foundation of self discipline. He believes he is gradually becoming a musical idol in the country. He also believes that his life will inspire young folks coming up. Ragga Spice has got many albums to his credit and could best be remembered with lyrics in his album “Lek Lek.”

Asked what he thinks about the Sierra Leone music in general, he said it is in a transition stage as they are catching up the market frames. “We just need to focus doing the stuff that appeals to the market, and it has to encompass the beauty of our traditional taste and rhythm”, he stated. “If you notice, I have some Temene notations in my song title: Lek Lek, ‘Malaneme’, which means hug me, and it sounds cultured to our Sierra Leonean singing style”, says Ragga Spice.

The question of originality of song types surfaced and he told Sierra Express Media Entertainment Desk that artists have got different ways of saying their lyrics, but what matters most is their spirit of nationalism. “No matter what flowing style the musician artist is using, he/she has to reserve their nationality”, he says. “To those artists who are using pigeon Creole or English in their songs might be targeting their audience outside Sierra Leone in countries where those languages are spoken”, he says in defense of artists who are faking their tongues.

Asked on the level of musical understanding considering the fact that Ragga Spice’s songs often go with woeful errors, he said they haven’t attained much education as musicians that guides them with professional ethics, save for the fact that they have few graduates from the Sierra Leone Balanta Academy of professional music who are not doing much to impart such knowledge to us as colleagues.

There hasn’t been a union that seeks the professional development of music in Sierra Leone and many artists have been improvising on their own. Ragga Spice believes a few instruments are identical to the Sierra Leonean music genre. Although the piano and acoustic guitar are forming part of the rhythmic compositions of their music, the traditional Kelen and drums are more identical in the music genre of Sierra Leone; Ragga Spice commented on this: “Yes we have a variance with our sound notes and vocal styles, this is because we sing in different rhythmic levels.  For example, I sing afro pop and it’s a mixed genre of high composition volume.  The fact that our music is now cutting eyes with different genres across, it depicts a clear show that we are coming up to the international mark, and very soon we will be up there in style with our colleagues who have been recognized internationally”, he stated.

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