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Page added on April 22, 2012

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No government can compete with us

No government can compete with us thumbnail

All Should Open Their Eyes to See Evidences of Changes … President Koroma

President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma has called on the people of Kenema to open their eyes and see the practicalities of rapid changes that are taking place in the country in the areas of infrastructure, energy and water supply, education for all, free health delivery for lactating mothers, pregnant women and under five children, among a long list of achievement by his government.  (Photo: Traders and farmers cheering President Koroma at the National Agricultural and Rural Trade Fair)

The President was last Friday 19th April, 2012 speaking at the opening of the National Agricultural and Rural Trade Fair, held at the Show Field, Kenema, jointly organized by the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Food Security, the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources and development partners.

He assured all that there are there are more in store for the people while recalling; “when we took up office in 2007, as a responsible government, we looked at what the people wanted and prioritized their needs immediately under the ‘Agenda for Change’, and agriculture, infrastructure, energy and water supply, education and health have been gainfully accomplished”.

He said that looking at where the government was coming from, tells that a lot have this administration has gone that far with the ‘Agenda for Change’.

President Koroma said the problems with power supply to Bo and Kenema will soon be a thing of the past, adding that government is working towards spreading out power supply in all parts of the country.

The Head of State informed audience that measures have already been put in place to install backup thermal plants in the two cities to help with regular power supply to the two cities. “We have tried in the construction of roads and other infrastructural strides and road works are evidence everywhere in Sierra Leone today. We are doing our roads out of our tax payers’ monies”, said President Koroma.

As for the Kenema-Pendenbu road, President Koroma said it is no longer a ‘banya fakie’ project but a reality one that and it going to reach Kailahun with civil and construction works in now in top gear.

“We really want people to open their eyes permanently to see clearly what is happening in the country”, he encouraged the people, and further explained; “government is trying to open up all feeder roads in the country, with water supply almost to the reach of all district headquarter towns”.

The pictures of Sierra Leone President Koroma maintained, has change rapidly as; “we have moved from where we were previously on the United Nations Human Development Index and we are committed ourselves to continue with the transformation of Sierra Leone”.

He disclosed that over 618 kilometres of feeders were constructed in 2011 adding broke news that ADAX is set to add 30 megawatts of power supply to the national grid. President Koroma also encouraged smallholder farmers to take advantage of the opportunities that are now at their disposals and that every Sierra Leoneans should rise up to the challenge.

Chairman of the occasion Minister of State East, William Juana Smith, said Kenema is no stranger to agricultural show and trader fair. He recalled that such shows normally held in December of every, before the war. The State Minister thanked President Koroma for his consideration of Kenema for the hosting of this year’s show.

As a further demonstration of commitment towards enhancing agricultural productivity of government according to the Mr. Smith, has rendered so many assistances to in the forms of seedlings, and implements to farmers in Kenema district and the country as a whole.

The Mayor of Kenema Chief Brima Kargbo said the show and trade fair has a very rich history in the eastern region. Mayor Kargbo commended government for supporting the local councils through the decentralization process.

Paramount Chief Daffie Banya of Small Bo Chiefdom, Kenema  district, on behalf of his colleague – traditional leaders, registered his profound gratitude to President Koroma saying; “we have no doubt in the visionary leadership”.

He said through the manifestation of the political will in rejuvenating the agricultural sector, gave way to the erection of new financial institutions in farming communities countrywide and feeders roads.

Farmers Federation Chairman Cecil Olu John President Koroma is the first leader that has built Agricultural Business Centres in all chiefdoms in the country and has given tractors to farmers. “We farmers are now assuring you of winning the election at first ballot”, he vowed.

Food and Agricultural Organization FAO Country Representative Gabriel Rugalema congratulated President Koroma on behalf of development partners, for setting of new standards in Africa through the delegation of functions to the local councils.

He said that development partners have associated themselves with progress made so far in the country’s agricultural sector and that they are very much proud of the leadership of President Koroma.

Mr. Rugalema cautioned farmers to judiciously utilized farming implements meant for agricultural cultivation.  The show was climaxed with a display of cultural performances by masked devils drawn from across the country.

Below are photographs from the event:

President Koroma inspecting the samples of honey after opening the show

President Koroma viewing the fish and fishing nets at the show

President Koroma in discussion with the palm plantation farmers at the show

President Koroma inspecting palm plantation and products

President Koroma in a warm hand shake with farmers and traders at the fair

President Koroma greeting the cocoa farmers

President Koroma greets the farmers

President Koroma waving to the mass of people at the fair

Traders cheering and waving at President Koroma at the fair


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