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Page added on June 6, 2012

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Who Checkmates the Police Excess?

Who Checkmates the Police Excess? thumbnail

There is no longer a shadow of a doubt that the spate of armed robbery and police shootouts is becoming a daily process.  Unfolding events are crystal clear that robbery is on the increase as quite recently we have seen a series of encounters by the police against armed gangs and social crime syndicate.

Due to the wrong direction of crime culture of our youths the Sierra Leone Police Force (SLP) instituted a police partnership board, which is charged with the responsibility to command area policing.  Under this backdrop and platform other subgroups such as vigilante groups emerged all in the name of restoring sanity to the infested crime world which has been flowing unchecked in various communities.

We all are yearning for a better society, where one is free from the scourge of social misfits and misdemeanors, but its seem obvious that the rate at which the police are combing robbers is becoming a case of personal vendetta and an easy escape to plunge their any enemy with an emblem of thief syndicate.

A recent scenario at Tengbeh Town around the Western part of the central District Freetown where an armed gang were shot at bay whilst carrying out robbery operations, spelt a good undertone to all a sundry.

Another case is the recent shootout at Melon Street Wellington in the Eastern area which resulted to the death of two acclaimed armed robbers, which according to other sources point fingers that these two presumed armed robbers were vigilante members who where parading out in an ungodly hour securing the community whiles they fall under the encounter group of the Operation Support Division Branch (OSD) and were mistaken for robbers, while they were shot at.

The cries on the lips of many are that the intervention of the police in the unchecked crime syndicate is a good omen but misplacing the true identity of criminals for innocent lives appears to be a course rather than a blessing to many.

The society is gripped with fear as to the measures the police are using in identifying criminals, or does it imply that anyone found outside drowse hours must be shot at bay without effecting arrest to further investigate the disposition of the person under question?. Well it looks like the obvious and many will put on the coat of fear for certain individuals with malice who may attempt to malign other all in the name of eliminating crime agents.

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