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Page added on June 9, 2012

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The Rising Star of Constituency 75 – Bagbo and Lugbu Chiefdoms in the South

The Rising Star of Constituency 75 – Bagbo and Lugbu Chiefdoms in the South thumbnail

Constituency 75 enjoys the blessing of two prominent Chiefdoms in the Southern region of Sierra Leone.  They would be, Bagbo and Lugbu. The APC has long had a presence in this Constituency.  In the 2007 elections, President Koroma won 718 votes, representing 3.98% of a total vote count of 18,061 during the Presidential elections.  Mr. Sorie I. Kamara, the then APC candidate, pulled 721 votes; representing 4.10% of the total vote count of 17,591 for the parliamentary elections in this constituency. It is, undoubtedly, a stronghold of the SLPP party as well as the PMDC at that time. Things are about to change because I can just picture the young, charming, selfless and unassuming Tommy Kaiza Koker, stepping up and opening his arms to his people of Lugbu and Bagbo; and saying to them, I need you to help me change things for the better. I have lived with you all this while. I saw and endured your pain and sufferings. I also saw  that, after 11 years of SLPP rule, and now an additional 5 years with our Sister Mrs. Elizabeth Alpha-Lavalie presiding over their policies for this Constituency, we, in Lugbu and Bagbo really need a new direction. But these would only be Brima Michael Turay’s assumptions for now, until the whistle is blown and Mr. Tommy Coker actually secures the permission to say a word about it.   (Photo: Tommy Kaiza Koker – the Hope of Constituency 75 – Lugbu and Bagbo).

The 36 year old Tommy Koker has been the APC Chairman of Constituency 75 since January of 2009; and he worked hard with his people to bring the APC to every town and village in Lugbu and Bagbo. For those who hailed from that part of the country, this would seem inconceivable. He is also an honorary executive member of the All Peoples Congress Party and the Regional Financial Secretary for Southern Region. Tommy has a very captivating spirit and connects with his people in ways that are very profound. He treats everyone the same – young and old. He has a great heart and he is filled with great compassion for the struggling communities within Constituency 75. With his great realization that education is essential for the development of a nation, Tommy, in 2010, donated Satellite TV Sets to Jimmi Government Secondary School in Bagbo and Sir Albert Secondary School in Lugbu. In that same year, he supported a joint Sports meet between the Methodist and Ahmadiyya Primary Schools in the Momajoe and Tisana communities in Bagbo. As at the time of writing this piece, Tommy Koker is on his way to Lugbu and Bagbo to deliver 36 bundles of roofing Zinc to help the people roof their Community Centers in this constituency.

Tommy’s background included formal training in Accountancy, Management and Administration, with more than 12 years experience in top management in both Civil Society and Business. In the Non Governmental Organization (NGO) arena, Tommy worked for the Environmental Foundation for Africa; starting as their Finance Officer in 2000 in Sierra Leone and rose through the ranks to become Head of Finance and Administration, as well as Country Representative (Manager) in 2010, in Monrovia Liberia. He also has a very enterprising spirit, which is not surprising that he is the Co-owner, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Emjay Construction and Investment, which has successfully implemented contracts for projects from the World Bank, IFAD, and the Government of Sierra Leone.

When Tommy Koker finally comes to your door, after he obtains permission to do so, he would not be talking to you about joining him to take arms against this nation! He would not be asking you to fight against development in Lugbu and Bagbo! He would not be asking you to join him in fighting the blessings of others! What he would be asking you is to join him in helping to attract President Koroma’s development initiatives to that part of the country. One of the reasons why he would be doing that is to demonstrate his firm commitment to help bring positive and significant changes to Lugbu and Bagbo. So, I say to the great people of Lugbu and Bagbo that if your son, Tommy Koker, ever come knocking on your doors, please open it for him, because it might just be your ticket to a journey of greater progress and development for yourself, your children, and for the nation of Sierra Leone.

Brima Michael Turay, Act. PRO; APC North America

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