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Page added on June 11, 2012

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Usman Boie Kamara: “Koroma’s Ark of Hope is the only way out”

Usman Boie Kamara: “Koroma’s Ark of Hope is the only way out” thumbnail

Alhaji Usman Boie Kamara informed a jam-packed crowd at his declaration ceremony on Saturday June 9 at the APC Marine House headquarters in Freetown that any body who wishes to be safe in his political aspirations in the country should hold President Koroma as a force to reckon with.

He said such faith in him inspired and boosted the confidence of his followers to declare a – No Run-off campaign phraseology so long as their collaboration continues to hold in the good spirit of nationalism.

Alhaji Usman Boie Kamara made this pronouncement in his maiden speech at the occasion of joining the All People’s Congress party secretariat on Saturday June 9, 2012. Mr. Boie who was dressed in a white Bamako as a mark of serenity with red stripe across the flap was given a red carpet welcome at the APC national headquarters in Freetown.

His supporters were seen putting on attire that appreciated his coming over to the notable mavericks of the APC.  Personalities such as the Minister of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment, Alhaji Mamadu Pat-Sowe, Minister of Information and Communication, Alhaji Ibrahim Ben Kargbo and others march-flanked him one hundred yards to the headquarter offices of the APC situated at Old Railway Line Brookfield.

Mr. Kamara said he decided to switch his political alliance to the APC because he believesthe philosophy of a nation does not rest squarely on a platform of one ideology as he entertains a strong sense of nationalism when it comes to national development.

As he put it: “My conception to join the APC party is one tied to the belief that President Koroma is mounting high the torches of developmental growth and healing the cracks of the country more than any other Sierra Leonean has ever done before”.

Mr. Kamara cited verses in the holy Quran in Surah 3 verse 54 which states: “And the disbelievers planned, but Allah planned. And Allah is the best of planners.’’  Which implies that, men plan but Allah is the best author of planning. This he said is a qualification of the fact that his paternal political ties with the Sierra Leone People Party (SLPP) was feign.

He said amongst many other things that he has found light at the end of the tunnel in Koroma’s APC and urges all Sierra Leoneans to join the Ark of Hope. He cited the holy books that the herald of Noah, who was given the spiritual mandate to save mankind with the Ark is symbolic to the savior nature of President Koroma who came to restore hopes where they were lost.

Mr. Kamara said  his new journey has just begun and that governance is all about trust and sincerity. He described his journey as a decision for him to blend the trends by helping to guide his vision for his beloved country.

Usu Boie cemented his speech by calling on all Sierra Leoneans to be Ambassadors of peace and observe the international environmental day as protecting the ecosystem should be man’s primary concerns as it is the only property we all share.

Usuman Boie Kamara and his wife Mrs. Isata Boie Kamara

Mohamed Jabbie one time SLPP Youth Chairman, Southern Region lent his voice to the issue as a member of the rejectionist by the opposition party, he said he is in love with the political character of the APC being that it is a party that draws its support from the ordinary man with little respect to personality.

He said if the party continues on such a path it will have an easy ride to clinch the November polls.

Mr. Jabbie further noted that since his existence, he has never seen a political figure that has helped improve the human conditions of the people of this country as President Koroma.  He rapped the obvious that people of the South and Eastern Regions were once referred to as fanatic supporters of the SLPP but as things stand at the moment,  many of them have a swinging allegiance.

Major Sengu Koroma, former presidential flag bearer aspirant of the (SLPP), intimated to the August gathering that his decision to cross over to the APC is honor bound as a Sierra Leonean, as he said the way and manner President Koroma has been articulating state issues is one envied even beyond the shores of this country; he has joined the president to write his name in the books of posterity of those who are heralded as the bastions of hope and development of this country.

Below are names of SLPP members who switched allegiance together with Alhaji Usman Boie Kamara.



Western Region
Ibrahim Coachie Mansaray Young Generation Leader
John Bosco Kuyateh Chairman Elders Council
Sylvanus Babatunde Pratt Chairman
Abdul Kamara PRO
Fatmata Manka Women’s Leader
Solomon Coker Chairman
Saffie Munu Women’s Leader
Abdul Director Kamara Chairman
Suzan Williams Chairman
John Kargbo Chairman
Osman Tarawalie Young Generation Leader
Mohamed T. Sesay Young Generation Leader
Issa Kargbo Organizing Secretary
Samba Sesay Young Generation Leader
Abdul Konike Kamara Deputy Chairman West
Banjoe Koroma Deputy Chairman West
Ibrahim Bundu PRO
Aruna Bangura Deputy PRO
Muctar King Organizing Secretary
Abubakarr Turay Young Generation Leader
Augustine Rowe Young Generation Leader
Mohamed Mustapha Secretary General
Monah T. Sargie Social Secretary
Peter Rogers Deputy Young Generation
Mrs. Abibatu Turay Women’s Leader
Madani Bah Financial Secretary
Augustine Musa Trustee
Abdul Kamara Young Generation Secretary General
Zainab Sesay Patron
Northern Region – Koinadugu
Alhaji Lamin Sesay District Secretary General
Hawa Marah District Women’s Leader
Lansana Sesay Young Generation Leader
Alhaji Young Generation Leader
Chernor Serray Women’s Leader
Mohamed Baba Kamara Organizing Secretary
Alhaji B. Sheriff District Chairman
Mohamed B. Sheriff Chairman
Mohamed Wusu Kamara Councilor
Alie Kamara College Executive
Northern Region – Bombali
Fanta Sheriff Regional Women’s Leader
John M. Koroma Young Generation
Fanta Nawa Women’s Leader
Rosaline Tarawallie Women’s Leader
Mohamed Sesay Young Generation
Kemoh Sidie Dabor Organizing Secretary
Kaifala Sheriff Zonal Young Generation (Karina Section)
Rtejan Sheriff Regional Young Democrat North
Amadu Wurie Bah Regional Chairman AAPYA (North)
Pa Karimu Thulla National Adviser PMDC
Northern Region – Tonkolili
Haja Network Thoronka District Women’s Leader
Mohamed Hosea Koroma  
Mohamed Fofanah  
S.D. Koroma Chairman
Abdul Samad Koroma Young Generation Leader
Abdul M. Sesay Young generation Leader
Ibrahim Sesay Secretary General North. Polytechnic
Abdulai M.A. Kamara Auditor-North. Polytechnic
Abdul Rahman Fofanah Organizing Secretary-North. Polytechnic
Cecilia Conteh College Executive
Northern Region – Kambia
Haja Mansaray Beidi Women’s Leader
Rugiatu Kamara Women’s Leader
Fuad Bangura Young Generation Leader
Kombrabai Turay Young Generation Leader
Pa Alimamy Jalloh Chairman
Dauda Suma Young Generation Leader
Foday Mustapha Bah Imam
Kadie Bangura PRO
Mariatu Dumbuya Women’s Leader
Mameh Kamara Women’s Leader
Northern Region – Port Loko
N’yilla Othman District Women’s Leader
Alimamy Bangura Young Generation Leader
Osman Kargbo Young Generation Leader
Joseph Kargbo Young Generation Leader
Alice Mama Mansaray Women’s Leader
Mamusu Mansaray Women’s Leader
Neneh Conteh Women’s Leader
Mohamed S. Kamara Young Generation Leader
Mohamed Bendu Chairman
Isatu Tarawallie Women’s Leader

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