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Page added on June 18, 2012

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This sketchy web of the police

This sketchy web of the police thumbnail

‘Difficult circumstances’ is the best description one could use when discussing the issue of the police in Sierra Leone at the moment. In the midst of mucky understanding in trying to justify, or better still, make sense of what is going on at the moment the option is one has to step on some people’s toes. The question is of the police having defined professional set guiding rules in executing their sacred state duties. Building this skeleton doesn’t mean one is oblivious of the giant strides the police are making which all builds their definition of patriotism. What is emphasized here is that the game of death test skills should not be practiced on peaceful citizens while the police try to fetch their excuses for being so unrealistic. The number demand of the police to cover the security primacy of the land is needed not in a hurry to necessitate a quick mucked up syllabus in an essence to produce new graduates only for them to justify at the end that they needed to have learned some skills better.

Already crime is in their syllabus and they are trained to know how to combat it if it is ever possible; but the certainty is that the police would never have been an important component if crime had not existed. Like philosophy said, a problem one cannot avoid should be faced. If Chinua Achebe said birds have learnt how to fly without patching, hunters too should learn how to shoot without missing. This means society is not doing without crime, and for the existence of laws, they needed custodians. The police are there to guide the laws and not to detain remote or duck the laws in their own bays. They have all the apparatus to use when executing orders of the law, not the law (sic that). They are humans as well. Now there is wholesome absurdity on their identity as armed robber are said to be faking their identities.

I think the proposed Corona inquiry is not only supposed to be detailed on the shootout incident but also in the order of which police fatigues are handy in the holds of state criminals, like those armed bandits branded as armed criminals, or robbers.

There are hypothetical links in the shootout incident at Wellington for instance wherein a group of alleged community vigilantes were gunned by police personnel in the process killing two youths who were allegedly chasing marauding thieves. What is desired there on a whole is to be able to establish whether the police are not having a stake in the organized rampaging armed robbery that is going on in the city. Why the lines are parallel in this case is that the vigilante groups should be seen working in tandem with the police. On this backdrop the question comes why should the police hunt those who are hunting their common enemies? The other question goes, the police are always claiming to have curtailed the number of armed robbers, why is it always escalating anytime the OSDs are receiving equipment boost. This is not to insinuate that that the police are the thieves; rather it is to say that the police have had enough time to shed off their spots and work hard to crack down on these marauding criminals.

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