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Page added on June 25, 2012

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The Incarceration of 73 Hard Core Criminals Must Face Justice

The Incarceration of 73 Hard Core Criminals Must Face Justice thumbnail

The new stunt by the Sierra Leone Police force (SLP) in collaboration with the Minister of Internal Affairs, Hon. Musa Tarawalie (in photo) over the arrest of 73 hard core criminals is one that is quite pleasing to the people of this country. These hard cores have served as terror agents disturbing the peace of defenseless and innocent civilians within the confines of this country. When news broke out that police had conducted a nationwide raiding exercise of criminals alongside the discovery of a large quantum of offensive weapons found under the possession of these criminals with testimonies of some cross section accepting to all the crimes being alleged, many are asking singular questions why are they not in prison as such a matter deserves to be given premium of urgency before the eyes of the law court.

These criminals have testified in clear and simple language to the public without being forced or tortured what many are now expecting is for the institution charged with the responsibility to punish offenders of the law to take its principal mandates to bring those confessed criminals to book.

Sierra Leoneans have being crying for a long period of time over the rate and spate of thieving and petty crimes in the country. Now that the police are able to capture this wholesome number of 73 with such cache of offensive weapon, the country yells in profanity and at least breathes a sigh of relief because it seems their prayers have answered. Those captured thieves should now be brought to face the full length and wraths of the law, as many innocent lives have suffered the brunt of their criminal activities as they’ve been causing deaths and physical torture of many people.

Cross-section of the public have raised public eyebrows as to how valid or if you like real are the identities of those captured thieves because many are purporting that their arrests and public testaments are a decoy plan masterminded by one big player who according to many Sierra Leoneans is of the habit of stage-managing such stunts each time his popularity and political image seem to be waning down.

What the writer deems necessary is the fact that such category of individuals are under the spotlight of the first gentleman of the state and by such he is under the eyes of the appropriate authorities.

Many Sierra Leoneans are left with mix feelings about the conduct of Hon. Musa Tarawalie cum (High Court Judge) in his dispense of justice to the 73 branded criminals, by publicly addressing them to accept and desist from the crime syndicate they’ve being plunged into. In essence one is tempted to ask what rationality is there having the Minister of Internal Affairs to address and pardon those state criminals without allowing them to serve their demarcations prescribed by the laws of the land? This is understood to be a prevention of the long arm of the law.

Although many seem to be pleased by such action of the Hon. Minister what remains the concerns of the public is the factuality that such criminals are under the clutches of the Sierra Leonean Police Force and they must not be seen back in the streets as the normal practice of the system.

What this piece stands to argue is the fact that this is a country with law and order and by such; criminal activities of this nature must not be treated with levity as it has the potential to smear the trust and confidence of people toward government sincerity to its people if such matters are treated with the approach of reckless abandon. Those open testimonies of crimes committed must taste the ambit of the law, as precedence to these criminals will set alight others to refrain from such criminal activities.

A responsible government is one that is always seen toeing the lines to ensures the security of it people unhindered and be true to its commitment of what it has sworn to protect, we want to see the demonstration of such commitment in following this matter to it very tail end by putting these (Criminals) in our society behind bars.

Although some schools of thoughts are singing songs of praises of the Internal Affairs Minister and the police force for having performed a wonderful job many continue to question the genuineness of this exercise.

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