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Page added on July 4, 2012

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Is the Koroma led APC negative campaign against Maada Bio precluding him from winning the election?

Is the Koroma led APC negative campaign against Maada Bio precluding him from winning the election? thumbnail

Before the election of Rtd. Brig Julius Maada Bio as flag-bearer of the SLPP, a deceitful move by the Ernest Bai Koroma administration and the APC to fool the level-headed membership of the SLPP worldwide led by John O Benjamin they presented Maada Bio as the weakest of the SLPP Presidential Aspirants. Is he? In the fear of Maada being elected as the presidential candidate of his party, the APC unleashed a barrage of negative propaganda against him. That notwithstanding he won the election by a wide margin, in what is said to be one of the most free and fair elections in Sierra Leone.

It seems the move by the APC to stop Maada to challenge President Koroma in the November elections did not materialise, in another desperate move to fool the people of Sierra Leone immediately after his election (Maada) as flag bearer of the SLPP the Koroma Regime and the APC continued their coordinated negative publicity against Maada Bio. The secretary general of the APC Mr Victor B Foh is vividly remembered as the man who went on radio and TV to publicly called Mr Bio a killer and that Sierra Leoneans are scared of him. In the face of this negative campaign Maada’s photo, t shirt, pen and more sells more than President Koroma’s. It is fair to say Mr Bio’s Popularity has grown since elected flag bearer of his party.

Unaware of their failed tactic and fraught to bring down Mr Maada Bio the Koroma administration and the APC without even checking their facts told Sierra Leoneans that the SLPP has elected a Presidential candidate that cannot travel abroad. It became clear to all that the Koroma led APC was deceiving people to believe that the Retired Brigadier Bio was having a travel interdict when members of his party in Continental Europe break the news that he is in Paris, France heading for UK and would visit them in the Netherlands after his tour of the  United Kingdom.

Surprisingly after his tour of Europe while in France the former Head of State Rtd Brig Julius Maada Bio travelled to Canada to attend the International Economic Forum of the Americas.

Mr Bio’s triumphant return to Sierra Leone after several weeks abroad is a clear indication that the negative campaign employed by the Koroma Administration and APC is not making the intended impact they wanted. It is time the APC abandon its negative campaign against Mr Bio and focus on selling the Koroma government failed policies.

It is obvious that Mr Bio would once again defeat the APC propaganda to win the election in November this year.

Ernest Smith

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One Comment on "Is the Koroma led APC negative campaign against Maada Bio precluding him from winning the election?"

  1. Anderson Khonteh on Sat, 22nd Sep 2012 11:09 pm 

    My dear slpp members and supporters, i will like you to be honest with yourself by comparing ans contrasting the achievement and failures of the SLPP and APC in the eight ( 8 yrs )years of SLPP rule under Tijan Kabba and that of Ernest Bai Koroma’s fours ( 4yrs) of APc rule in power.Take these as a tipp for analysis: Education,infrastructural development,economy,transport,labour etc etc.After all these,make a honest and sincere decision by who you think should win and fit to move the country foward.Remember,the people of sierra leone are watching and deffinately will decide on the better and not promises anymore.


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