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Imagine a world without witches and wizards

Imagine a world without witches and wizards thumbnail

Abu Bakarr Sulaiman Tarawally has been doing a perspective survey on what the existence of a society called the witches and wizards’ world is with particular reference to the fact that the said society poses strange experiences in both society and human lives. (Photo: SEM’s Abu Bakarr Sulaiman Tarawaaly interviews President of SLITHU, Alhaji Dr. Sulaiman Kabba)

This perspective is severed into narrow thoughts and the various understanding blinks of the fact that there can also be good things about the existence of such world.  My first bus stop was at the door step of the President of the Sierra Leone Indigenous Traditional Healers Union (SLITHU), Alhaji Dr. Sulaiman Kabbah.

Dr Kabba began by giving an insight of what the witches and wizards world is:  “It is a little above what people used to call fraternity cliques.  It is an existence of psychics with supernatural powers and members of this world who are capable to manipulate and transform their forms into various patterns and behaviours”.

Dr. Kabba takes this understanding further by defining the limit of what witches and wizards can be, especially talking from an African perspective wherein the supernatural world is perceived to be very destructive.  “If one looks at the resultant powers of the witches and wizards, you’ll result at the all common answer which is agreed that the supernatural world is destructive.   However, on the other hand one would also invest in the answer using the proverb ‘use a thief to catch a thief’.  If one is not au fait with what obtains in that world, like my very self, it would come out a cumbersome task to challenge the efforts of reforming them into healers from killers.  This takes the equality measure in the psychic science to reveal further that witches and wizards have a culmination in science and inventories.”

One practical point given by Dr. Sulaiman Kabba is their knowledge and power to manufacture traditional allopathic medicines with a healer’s purpose which combines spiritual therapeutic means. The supernatural world is known of comprising occults, necromancy and pack of secret societies using herbs and mystic letter notations from sacred scripture archives.  But like the traditional healers president mentioned, this secret knowledge is diversified into drifts of purposes – for the good, the better – and worse.

Join me on the next issue in this same piece on how the debate fares on as I bring you the different make-ups of ideas on how people perceive a world without witches and wizards.

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