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Page added on July 16, 2012

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Missing the darling mother of our dear president

Missing the darling mother of our dear president thumbnail

The value of a shade is never known until it is chopped off. The departure of Madam Alice R. Koroma, the mother of our dear president, went a long way to support and prove beyond all reasonable doubt – the truth of this age-old proverb.  (Photo: The late Alice Rosaline Koroma)

It implies that Sierra Leoneans are very special and unique people. They might have differences as mortals and as a result of social interaction: upbringing, religious beliefs, political affiliations to name but a few, but can still tolerate one another.

We can’t help but to keep tossing on how much significant role, Madam Alice R. Koroma still had to play when she departed.  If a sleeping man could frighten a thief, what would have happened with the thief if he were awake?

Madam Alice’s departure has brought together assumed ant hills, long forgotten family affinities have been uncovered. Political opponents are now kissing and hugging one another, winning and dining in a single plate.

Bravo to all Sierra Leoneans – we have been awaken from our long stupor. Who knew that Dr. Sama Siama Banya (our renowned, veteran political critic) had been visiting the Koroma family; and our current president in his boyhood was serving him water and drink in their house?  “… every so often when I drop by for a brief visit to late Silvanus and his wife, even before taking a seat, Alice would ask one of the young Koroma Boys to run down to mammy K’s (late Mammy Kiester) to get me a soft drink. She was not being stingy; all I drank in those days were none-alcoholic beverages. One of those ever-willing youngsters was a lad named Ernest, who is today president of Sierra Leone…” (Dr. Sama S. Banya)

Politics – we’ll never forgive you, if you try in any way to bastardize such relationship further after this cementing union.

Pessimism has been growing in the mindsets of many Sierra Leoneans that these two famous sons of Madam Alice R. Koroma: Charles Francis Margai and the President, Ernest Bai Koroma will ever remain enemies as long as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west – If the need be, they could share a single bed, we have all sensed.

Madam Alice R. Koroma, you left us in tears, grieving your departure incessantly, but be rest assured that you left us in peace as a family – we have vowed never to be separated further again. Rest in peace our dear mother – because you left us in peace.

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