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How the Media burgeons in this part of the world Part (1)

How the Media burgeons in this part of the world Part (1) thumbnail

Long in the days when some narrow-minded and short-sighted Eurocentric writers described Africa as a dark continent and the Africans as backward, in plain terms, the people were seen as persons without an iota of civilization, Africans then had structured governing systems with kings and queens as rulers – titles, which were later considered to be too superior and therefore needed to be replaced with something more subordinative, hence the title of Paramount Chief. Africans had systems of education (later nomenclature as informal schooling and secret societies) by the Euro-centric crusaders and what interest me most is that town criers did exist who were not only informing the masses about what came from their rulers, but were vibrantly able to intimate their people about imminent/impending calamities /catastrophe and registering the dissatisfaction of the governed at any point in time- such were journalistic functions.

The media has been bearing an unbearable pressure and weeping so seriously for a saviuor from the hands of the two unpopular and atrocious sisters: defamation and sycophancy who are desperate to bring the beautiful and envious designation to a halt where every effort to amend would be completely fruitless. God help some of us because we have passion for this occupation!

Defame writing is taking a headway and with such intensity and force it urgently demands an immediate attention for action oriented purposes. People are finding much pleasure in awarding others local PhD (Pull Him Down-syndrome) for reasons best known to them. For all those who are actively involved in such, they should know that the media is not pleased with them.

As if that is not enough, sycophantic writing on the other hand is complementing the effort of her senior sister, defamation to smear the integrity and reputation of journalism. Writing as a mere praise singer is something un-recommending to a greater extent.  Nothing could be more deceptive than presenting individuals as sheep when they are truly wolves. Deceiving the masses all to gain favour is not part of this journalism.

Journalists should fight to replicate the steps of their predecessors, town criers in those days; they should serve as mouth-piece in this restless planet instead of actively involving in any defame and sycophantic writing. It is never too late they say; so let’s look back, make amends and stay as voice of the voiceless. We should not let an infinitesimal number soil this fine occupation of ours with acid. Let’s gang up now before they overwhelm us!

By M. S. Biro (The Pen)

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