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Page added on July 19, 2012

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Still awaiting government’s position on rainy season destruction in Freetown

Still awaiting government’s position on rainy season destruction in Freetown thumbnail

The world we live in is such a precarious and unstable place; there is no haven on this earth – all senses.  Such phrases among many others have acquired notoriety over the years.  However, they have provided also an easy excuse for those who could not care less about the life and living patterns of the masses. (Photo: Juba Hill and surrounding hills of Freetown, Sierra Leone)

Freetown is a mountainous city with gigantic propensity to cause flooding; and this further explains why the endless water destruction, which nobody is contesting that for sure.  We are quite aware of the topographical outlook of our city; we need no one absolutely to remind us of that; we know very well that water runs faster over hills than flat surfaces – even the insane are not unaware of that.

That reminds us so much of the other factors that are ganging up with the mountainous outlooks of our beautiful city to make life more precarious for us than the word itself.  Life is fast becoming unsafe for us, because when one Sierra Leonean is hurt either by another human being or by nature, such as flooding, every patriotic Sierra Leonean is automatically hurt – that is what we stand for.  As this Soso proverb runs: whenever misfortune befalls your brother, empathize with him because it is a cause that loves to go around.  You never can tell; you might be the next victim.

Our brothers and sisters have suffered enormous loss in this raining season and the moment is still threatening our existence. Concomitantly, our roads are rapidly losing value as though the Sierra Leone Road Authority (SLRA) have only been pouring empty tarmac without any technocrat considerations.

There is a general fear blooming within people in the east-end that in a year or two, if nothing is done to amend our roads once and for all, virtually every access route would be completely inaccessible even by human beings. A case in point is Easton Street which as a result of unending repairs and destruction, an impressive number of residents in that area are now associating the poor construction with supernaturalism – arguing eloquently that no matter what our SLRA would do in future the problem would never be solved.

We want to sum up this submission by making it apparently clear to the road authorities that the myth that is being nursed is an indirect challenge to their professional capacity. Therefore, they should do something in line with permanence to prove the people wrong. Do something fast because it is already getting too late!

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