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Native Doctor in Court for Fraud

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Mohamed Sesay appeared before Magistrate Steven Conteh at Court No 1 with six count charges, count one conspiracy to defraud contrary to law. Mohamed Sesay between Saturday 14th April 2012 and Saturday 21st April 2012 at No 6 Mayenkeni Road, Calaba Town, Freetown in the western area of the republic of Sierra Leone, with intent to defraud, conspired together with other persons unknown to defraud Gibrilla Dundya the sum Le 78 million.

Count two, three, four, and five, were same – obtaining money by false pretences contrary to Section 32 (1) of the Larceny Act of 1961. Sometime in April 14, Mohamed Sesay is accused to have obtained the sum of £500, equivalent in Leones the worth of 3,400 from Gibrilla  Dumbuya at Lehkekoro Village, Wara Wara, Yagala Chiefdom, in the Koinadugu  judicial district in the Northern province of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

The said money according to the particulars of offence was issued in respect of gold transactions. Mohamed Sesay is also accused to have collected the sum of Leones 6,800,000 from Gibrilla in the pretext of selling two kilograms of gold dust and transacted another  Leones 2 millioon and equivalent to £1, 000 British  for the same two kilograms of gold.

The accused person, Mr. Mohamed Sesay said Gibrilla Dumbuya met and consulted services as a native sorcerer to cleanse him, for him for which he charged the complainant the sum of Le 10 million.

Testifying in the ongoing trial, PW 2, Abdul Karim Conteh of No.14 Jenner Wright Road, Freetown, Student of King Fahad  Secondary School Old Wharf Off Wellington said he was at his house when his uncle Gibrilla Dumbuya called him up to accompany him to Makeni. He said he wasn’t aware what the trip was all about, but they went to a village in Kabala where they met four men in a house. Mohamed Sesay and Gibrilla, he said, went into one of the rooms while he was left outside.

Mohamed Kargbo who testified on behalf of the accused person, Mohamed Sesay, said he accompanied the accused to Makeni sometime ago but could not remember the name of the place and all of them went for the second time but he was left outside as in the case of PW1.

When Gibrilla Dumbuya testified in the said matter, he denied all the claims made by the accused person, Mohamed Sesay. He said he had some problem for which he went and consulted Mr. Mohamed Sesay. He said the ritual rites which Mr. Mohamed Sesay prescribed to him were very expensive and as such he could not afford them at the time being. Gibrilla said he told Mr. Mohamed Sesay that he was going to hang up a while until he has money to finance the rituals rite.

Later, he said Mr. Mohamed called and instructed him to borrow the sum of Le 2 million, and informed him about the said gold business proposal.

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