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Page added on August 3, 2012

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The nucleus of our miseries

The nucleus of our miseries thumbnail

The question of political trust from our statesman is one that has often being questioned each time we are facing a national election. Many hold the school of thought that the cloaks of subterfuge by those who eye the sacred seat of office over the years have been the mistakes of the past. The clout of discord has been gathering momentum over what people called the moment of time has arrived. As we are currently approaching the hour of election, the vultures of deceitful politics have started selling uncouth policy statements, for the gospel of liberating the people.

The high level of political highhandedness coupled with administrative mistrust, have been the leverage many hold to indict past and present leadership of this country. When the dawn of political change was sweeping across this country, every level headed Sierra Leone embraced the “rising sun” on the backdrop of a brighter future in waiting. The sword of injustice to many is the current level of political cabal that has been dictating the political tunes of the nation’s integrity.

The pride of this country is wounded, owing to the level of question that has been directed to the highest office of the land, when the leader of a nation begin to mortgage the future of the next generation by awarding flaws-full contracts to multi-national investments with little regard for the ordinary man, such a nation future is bleak and no light at the end of the tunnel for its people. The nucleus of every nation’s growth is its human resources, if it is been stifled, then it spill-over effect will reflect the growth of the nation.

The multiple questions that hang on the lips of many Sierra Leoneans is this new level of economic propaganda of a projection rate of 35% economic growth, which does not reflect the ordinary man. There is a huge portion of unemployment, which is the crook affecting many grandaunts in the country plying the Street of Freetown in search of jobs. This case seemed to be ground-swell each time we are moving into another academic years, as we are adding new job seekers to the already bottle-neck unemployment population. Our leader doesn’t practice what they preach they chose better the lives of their closest allies and family members at the expense to betterment of state values.

Our people say we thank the agent of change who has come to liberate us only to plunge us into more miseries. Those who close their eyes for them to see can model the change we seek as a nation.

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