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Page added on August 3, 2012

Intending Mayor Outlines Plan for First 100 days in office

Intending Mayor Outlines Plan for First 100 days in office thumbnail

The intending mayor for Freetown City Council (FCC), Dennis Ojo Williams, alias ‘Mingles,’ (in photo) informed journalists at his Adelaide Street residence yesterday that immediately upon winning the mayoral office he has a projection of an achievable plan within the first 100 days of administration.

According to Mingles, he would gradually translate citizens’ focus to a clean environment with the construction of quality market facilities in various locations in the city, from the east to the west.  This conceivable objective will be delivered in-between cleaning communities with well constructed market mall infrastructures straight off the mark.

This speculation will involve contracting the services of reputable construction companies both local and foreign to enter into a contractual performance bond with FCC to deliver services and products within specified timelines, within quality control indicators, and will expand the existing market buildings in the city.

FCC will continue the same and take over the construction of the City Hall with an ultra modern building edifice with fantastic design.

Mingles stated, ‘We will rehabilitate and expand our school infrastructures in line with the central governments incoming education policy based on Professor Gbamaja Commission of Inquiry on education and the White paper recommendations in the years to come.

We will develop more parking lots, construct sidewalks for pedestrians, increase street light facilities and make same available where there are none.

FCC will undertake an annual renovation of all council buildings or properties based on the seventh policy objective of housing and technical maintenance.

We will decentralize the Metropolitan Police Service and infrastructural locations in order to meet our security and public utility services with decent dress code and identification.”

He stated that on the completion of some of the first projects within two years in office, in collaboration with the communities and their leadership, the cry and suffering of our street trading population under the hot sun and wet rain will gradually be met, thus paving the way to move them carefully into those new market locations without coercion, bringing an acceptable norm by them and Council for ease of cleaning, and a free traffic flow and sanity to the city.  This approach will definitely reduce the anticipation of fear of the central government to come in conflict with the people (traders) who are the electorates to power.

He stated that such a dramatic move will also reduce criminal activities and ease the work of the police and other law enforcement agencies.

Revenue collection – city rates

He concluded that the new Council administration will immediately on the resumption of office;

  • conduct an overall auditing of the financial position of the outgoing administration to ascertain the asset and liability status,
  • undertake a fresh city property evaluation and set up categories of such properties by their location, size, and value, i.e., measure and valuation (M&E),
  • such valued properties and their payment value compliance would be based on the overall value of 0.5% to 1.0% per annum payment compliance policy. This will include buildings that are commercially operated or dwelling facilities on rent (i.e., houses, shops and their sizes),
  • Council will also seek the services of Statistics Sierra Leone on such a value appropriation exercise to avoid over/under evaluation as necessary.  It will incorporate some strict requirement to operate for offices and shops with regards to adequate toilet facilities etc., for sanitation purposes.

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