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Page added on August 7, 2012

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APC will not preach tribalism or regionalism against me – NDA aspirant Wurrie Jalloh

APC will not preach tribalism or regionalism against me – NDA aspirant Wurrie Jalloh thumbnail

Newest aspirant to join the race for the presidential flagbearer of the National Democratic Alliance Party (NDA), Alhaji Wurrie Musidal Jalloh intimated to Sierra Leoneans in his declaration speech that the All People’s Congress Party (APC) will desist from accusing his candidature of tribalism and regionalism.

Mr. Alhaji Wurrie Jalloh made this statement on Monday 6th August at the NDA party secretariat, 5 Duke Street, Freetown, on Monday August 6th, 2012.

Whilst addressing the press he said that he is of a multi-diverse background, his mother a Temene by tribe and father Fullah by tribe, and he has great potential to attract votes from these populations and politically sensitive ethnic groups; adding that items of political base, he hails from the Northern region, Bombali District and Constituency 33, where his Excellency, Eddie Turay and the late Thaimu Bangura of PDP Sorbeh hailed from.

He maintained that he has no doubt he can substantially split the vote in this part of the region based on his good services to his people and the fact that the APC will have no way of preaching tribalism nor regionalism against him.  Furthermore he noted that he has huge political experience, adding that he knows both the APC and the SLPP are responsible in introducing discrimination and hatred into the fabric of Sierra Leone politics, noting that they are also responsible for their present economic hardship and their developmental inadequacy.

He further said that the current state of affairs in the country, that is the high unemployment rate among youths and women, the high cost of living with food prices rising by the day, noting that poor education, corruption in every department or ministry open discrimination based on tribe, religion and more, political affiliation, poverty and indiscipline everywhere in the country is an indicator of a failing state.

He further said that as an advocate for a better Sierra Leone where everyone enjoys the wealth of the nation,  he is inspired by the above factors to contest for the leadership of the NDA party and run as the president at the November 17th 2012 elections, adding that he is fully aware of the challenges they face a party in galvanizing support from their people to continue to see the NDA party as their party.

He noted that what is required of them as a party is unity, solidarity, common determination to succeed, and above all the election of a presidential candidate that has a vision, national appeal, and the required potential maturity and sense of responsibility. He added that as an honest candidate he can proudly sell to the people of Sierra Leone and the international community for their support to ensure victory. Adding that he is highly qualified by age, well determined, highly motivated for more accomplishments and he can attract support for the party. He said he is truly democratic and highly determined to uphold the democratic tenets of a multi-party system of Government under his leadership, and that he strongly defends and promotes the mission and vision of the Nation Democratic Alliance (NDA) party.

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