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Page added on August 17, 2012

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In Sierra Leone – politics of deception and lies

In Sierra Leone – politics of deception and lies thumbnail

As Sierra Leone draws closer to the presidential and parliamentary elections in November, it is as clear as daylight that the political campaigning has become rife with negativities such as character assassinations, slander, blackmailing and the likes.

The people of Sierra Leone are tired of political slandering, deception, false promises and the misuse of the youths by engaging them into drugs and alcohol for violent actions during campaign periods.

This time around, Sierra Leoneans, especially the youths must ensure positive and rational decision in deciding this country’s political and economic future by ignoring politicians and political rhetoric full of deception and lies in order to assume the rein of power to achieve their own personal and selfish means.

What the people want to hear is constructive party manifestos, commitment on health-care, social welfare, local government initiatives, education, employment, and the economy as a whole, rather than irrelevancies.

MP’s may be selected under the banner of the political parties they emanate from with a responsibility to the party of selecting sober aspirants with the endorsement of the party electorates they may be representing.

With this backdrop, would-be MP’s from different political backgrounds are rising up for the contest, without an iota of Presidential, Member of Parliament or Councilors responsibilities. It is undisputable that some political aspirants who have no income of their own, no profession or political agenda, sweet-talk themselves into the mainstream of governance to make a living at the detriment of the impoverished people. Such MP’s tend to be dull and miserable in parliament with no contribution to make towards nation building and as such make parliament ineffective and unproductive; that is why Sierra Leoneans must select their candidates carefully, desisting from tribe, region and color. Think Sierra Leone and vote in the interest of Sierra Leone.

Regrettably, the chronic existence of youths in violent activities has begun with the ransacking of the United Democratic Movement (UDM) party office last week.

To many pundits, it is a bad omen with the polls around the corner.

For government to succeed in achieving non-violence elections, more measures should be instituted and vigorously pursued in order to wipe out election violence by youths.

Lastly and most importantly the Fourth Estate carries a noble responsibility in articulating development in a nation by what they disseminate. The press should desist from engaging in character assassination, mudslinging, blackmail and the likes; at this time of electioneering cause, the press is capable of making or breaking any situation.

Remember that the fourth estate records history in a hurry and must at all-times be very meticulous in disseminating its news.

By E. Awotelli Cole

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