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Wanting Usu Boie Dead!

Wanting Usu Boie Dead! thumbnail

Whether it is whimsical or cynical as the case may be, something is getting very absurd in the much talked about wishing or wanting Alhaji Usman Boie Kamara dead. The rumour is ambiguous as in this case knowing from what I know that linking traces of suspicion are yet not too vital to establish the intent of crime. Whether one wants us to understand or force us to believe that a group of secret killers/assailants is dead-rocked in the making or is being formed or is about to be formed is quite incomprehensible. It is politics, one may say, but the idea of taking someone’s life is too extreme. First and foremost Sierra Leoneans are not ready to go into human life hunting games.

Second, what is the Information Bureau of the Office of National Security (ONS) doing in tracking such information and following it with the necessary steps in bringing such evil information mongrels to book, having known same to be that every intentional threat issued against somebody’s life is equal to the task of testing the security primacy of the land.

Alhaji Usman Boie Kamara by no guess is one of Sierra Leone’s firebrand politicians whose camp crossing from the main opposition to the ruling system created controversy in the politics of the land.  Till this moment many hooves and step mast to his glorious days at the Sierra Leone People’s Party.  Whether it was a test of how important he was at the SLPP, it could be another hypothesis, but there were clear signs that he remains the only member whose rumor hints of leaving the opposition hits the public domain, we understand party big heads approached him in pleading caucus to influence his decision not to quit.

By such leaning he is seen as a big force of a threat, especially to the main opposition where his worth is greater known. He has a whelming popularity, which is much the main goal of all political parties with ambition to win an election. Having said this, I want to state that the worse that would ever happen in Sierra Leone is when summary execution of a major political opponent is introduced in the game of politics of the land. We smell of it in other parts of Africa, which to tell the truth is not much in practice in this part of Africa. What is though a yelling point is for the country’s main security sectors to act on elimination threats, or perhaps Alhaji Usu Boie himself should be seen here reporting the said threat to the police and the ONS.

At this point it’s the usual news trend on the said issue; who is trying to be mischievous in all of these should be warned to desist forth and allow peace to reign in this land.

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