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Page added on August 28, 2012

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Beware of Musa ‘Satti’ Tarawally!

Beware of Musa ‘Satti’ Tarawally! thumbnail

Satti is a favorite breakfast portage of one of the ethnic groups in Sierra Leone.  Like a concoction it is made up of mixtures of rotten and dried cassava tubers and other condiments.

The fond name of our Minister of Internal Affairs, Musa ‘Satti’ Tarawally and his attitude is concocted with controversial vices that are characterized by violence, unreliability, double standards, lust for power to name a few. Complaints emanating from the Southern provinces confirm that Tarawally’s ill-motivated strides to be at the echelon of power has transcended to hindering the very party he is claiming to belong to.

Bo District Chairlady for the APC, Humu Mansaray bemoans the continued interference of the Minister of Internal Affairs in the issuance of party symbols as against the will of the people on the ground.  The chairlady confirmed that Musa Tarawally is using monies to lure the support of communities and party members thus imposing his favorite aspirants at the expense of the will of the people.

This according to the Chairlady is tantamount to the success of the APC ahead of the up-coming November elections.

Tarawally’s political history is said to be marred with deceitful practice, suspicion, double standards and cross-carpeting.

It is worth recalling that Musa Tarawally traversed his loyalty among top political cadres in the past decade or so.  After dropping out of high school, he became a peddler at the popular Sweizzy jeweler’s based in Freetown, claiming to be a member of that noble institution of young businessmen.

Musa Tarawally started his sojourn as an errand boy to the NPRC in 1992 after which he found favor with the SLPP presidential nominee Julius Maada Bio who was head of stakes in the junta regime 1996.  When Bio handed over power to a democratic rule, Tarawally wasted no time to pitch his tent with the late Sam Hinga Norman who was then a very influential minister in the Tejan Kabbah regime. In his friendship with Hinga Norman, he fell into a discreet love relationship with Florence, Norman’s daughter with whom he has a son.  The ties between Norman and Tarawally turned sour at this and after Norman’s arrest, he metamorphosed into the Solomon Berewa camp where he sorted favor and became a henchman to the SLPP Presidential candidate in 2006.

Musa Tarawally was among a delegation that traveled with Solomon Berewa to the UK.  At a press briefing held in London during the trip, Berewa was quoted to have preferred Sierra Leonean Diasporas to stay abroad and continue with their odd jobs and drive taxis. It was during this same visit to the UK that Berewa was advised by a current serving Minister of the Koroma government (name withheld) to beware of Musa Tarawally referring to him as a betrayer.

The current Internal Affairs Minister meddled alongside the Berewa campaign trail up until after the first round of the 2007 Presidential election.  Knowing full well that Berewa’s chance of emerging as the winner of a run-off elections were feeble, Tarawally wasted no time to throw his weight in support of President Koroma who was latter constrained to appoint him as a cabinet minister.

Although some people are claiming that Musa is the blue eyed boy of President Koroma his position was changed from Resident Minister South to the Internal Affairs Ministry.  Musa failed to register success in his previous posting where he was blamed to be responsible for the cracks in various institutions of governance in the South.

Tarawally’s transfer to a much more viable ministry has always sparked controversial debate as his ministry is among the list of non–performers; President Koroma is therefore advised to keep a close eye on this vicious character in Musa or rather be endangered.

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One Comment on "Beware of Musa ‘Satti’ Tarawally!"

  1. Joesph Kallon on Wed, 29th Aug 2012 12:57 pm 

    Muas is a crimenal and asshole, President Koroma keep an eye on him.He was my school mate at (MBSS) Moyamba, i know him from birth.

    President Koroma, i was surprised when i heard that Musa is one of your ministers.

    Muas, you will reap what you sow.God will distory you in a broard day light.


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