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Page added on August 30, 2012

international AfricActiv Festival Tubingen, Germany takes Europe by storm

international AfricActiv Festival Tubingen, Germany takes Europe by storm thumbnail

The International African Festival Tubingen, now known as “AfricActiv” celebrated its 3. Edition, according to the Tubingen regional newspapers 15.000 attended this great event, a record that is unbeatable at its 3rdEdition.

Speaking to the CEO and Founder of this Festival – Susan Tatah, what could have brought this huge success, she replied, it’s the people’s festival… traders, musicians, funders, volunteers, all constitute the back-up team.

This year’s festival was dedicated to the African Diaspora in Africa Europe and the world…why?

You experience not only physical success but also natural success, the weather must have played a great role…of course it did but as you could see we already provided a plan b, so even bad weather could not have hindered the people from visiting their festival.

2011, our events suffered a tremendous loss just like any other events that was scheduled last year in July, traders suffered a lost in revenue, we did really sympathize with all our visitors who travelled from far to attend our events, July last year was the wettest year since record began and the international AfricActiv Festival Tubingen was not the only victim of this horrendous conditions.

At the International AfricActiv Festival this year, we spoke to traders who travelled directly from Africa to visit this event, several traders came for Burkina-Faso, Mali and Kenya- Nairobi, how did they get to know about this Festival?

We have more than 25million international bloggers especially in eastern Africa…Nairobi, Tanzania as well as the south; gradually we’ll be integrating the central and West Africa as well.

What visions do you have for this festival, this festival will forever be dedicated to the African Diaspora especially children that are born here, and they have to feel at home, we are and will be the biggest and authentic African Festival in Europe and the world, that is the reason why it’s now called AfricActiv Festival Tubingen

The Festival attracted not only the African Diaspora but was colorful blend of different people, was it your intention? Africa has and has always been a great host all the nations and cultures of the world and being the cradle of humanity, it is but obvious that this festival will always be a home for people who sympathizes and share our values as well as respect us, still we focus on the Diaspora because most often our culture is seen as a product that should be sold to foreigner for consumption

Sometimes we treat our cultures and values as inferior, what is a man without roots and culture? We are Africans and proud to be, we are authentic and beautiful

Integration you mean?

Different people meet and share with one another, respect, exchange views and opinions, still they keep their identity and heritage, on one is forced to act European or otherwise, we stay real, as a matter of fact, our Festival will always be at high demand, especially in countries which are facing a social life deficit or where people work to live.

Five projects planned and implemented …were they really successful? Apart from the Open-Air which is a traditional project, all other projects were innovations or as pilot-projects, lessons learned will be fully implement in the next editions…sports as well? Yes, of course!

As a matter of fact we had six projects including the “AFRICACTIV” Magazine, a non- profit project with the goal to report on the activities of the Diaspora and to promote their businesses, starting here in Baden-Württemberg. It has 20.000 copies and is distributed free of charge in every household. Africa is growing fast at a 3% rate; the Diaspora is left with a choice to exploit every chance.

The purpose of the Business & social Forum is not only to promote investments or provide market for others but to expose the potentials of the resources of Africa that should be profitable to its indigenes – Coltan, diamond, Gold, rubber, sugar, oil, fabric, wood…no excuse for the Diaspora to wander like in the past.

“IDA” what is that?

International Diaspora Awards each year the International Africactiv Festival Tubingen gives an Award to motivate and encourage young talent in the following areas – bands and artist, traders and street arts, sports and Business, Fashion show, children and youth programs

Bands and artist 2012

“Ngoma Africa Band” under the leadership of Mr. Ebrahim Makunja and his team,

Sports 2013

1. Price green eagles of Nigeria in Stuttgart,
2. Price – Lions of Cameroun – Belgium
3. Price Mozambique – Tubingen

We encourage bands, traders, artist, sports, business, children and model to register and participate at IDA-International Diaspora award 2013

You are Founder and CEO of this giant project, you were seen all over running to make things work, paying attention to every guest, sometimes moderating on the podium, small talks with Traders, at the Info point, at Business etc…what about the other team members?

As CEO, your attention is always needed, we have a clear structure and work plan but nevertheless, visitors need special attention from you, unfortunately you must skip, act, dance, smile, shake hands and listen to everybody…for example a visitor though at the bar, walks directly and asks you for a beer opener, with his beer opened. The same attention is also requested from the others working on the project as well, we´re talking here about event not an office or a production center where people are ushered in accordingly.

Still you kept up your smile? Smiling is sunshine, healing and strength, never loss your smile and gestures  speak a million words.

Any plans for next year?

Next year’s celebration takes place from Thursday, the 8 till Sunday the 11th of August 2013 and as usual it will be a three score strategy…

What does that mean exactly?

At least 20.000 visitors will attend the 4.International AfricActiv Festival in Tubingen 2013, amongst others African celebrities, save this date and be there!

Last word Enie?

I am grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to be of service to humanity and most of all I am thankful and proud of the African Diaspora out here, emanating from a different culture; Buffalo soldiers for survival, taking care of their love ones back in Africa and contributing to the Nation building of Africa- to these I say thank you, the International Africactiv Festival Tubingen will always your home, visit us and enjoy!

Special thanks also goes out to the amazing bands who graced the Open-Air stage, Ngoma Africa Band, Brothers from Sahel-Niger, Susubilibi, Macambo all first class performers and many others– Our Funders Sparkasse Tubingen, the city of Tubingen, Getu- Afrika Restaurant Tübingen, Difam e.V (Dr. Gisela Schneider, Anna Buck, Susanne Kramer), TSG Tubingen

Special thanks to our visiting celebrities His Excellency the Ambassador of republic of Cameroon – Mr Jean Marc Mpay, His Excellency Minister rep. of the Ambassador of Republic of Ghana, Dr. Sylvie Nantcha –sister you are a blessing! Former German Ambassador to Cameroun –Mr Buchholz and wife and many others

Many thanks to our stars and Divas – Layori – Nigeria, Lady Ponce-Cameroun, Dr. Ibou –Senegal and many others

Special thanks to our great managers and experts –Dr. Boniface Mabanza, Dr. Mbang Sama AfricactivBusiness & Social Forum, moderator – Roland Steck – Reutlingen and Tubingen television, and to all guest speakers

To all the traders especially women, I say much respect…the future of Africa looks feminine, to all musicians, street actors…my heartfelt thanks without you we are nothings and to all the children of Africa and the world…Africa is beautiful, gorgeous and rich take pride in being African, we lay down our lives for you. Friends and well-wishers of Africa…God bless you!

Special thanks to Mr Tarpah Henry- Firma Tarpah for your support in kind and cash! – a brother indeed!

Special thanks to Gilles Kom Kenmegne, Olivier Kouete and the entire staffs of NT Immobilien for all your support

Special thanks to all the staffs, Volunteers, funders –students of the university of Tubingen and Reutlingen, members of CAMas and CTO challenge Stuttgart, DJs – Willy-Mix, Manu-killer, Afrogrooves, Dj Evans – Ghana, To all our international bloggers network – Africa News Mr. Stephen Ogongo, Msema Kweli -Tanzania,

Greatest thanks go to my husband and my lovely kids – Mr. Tatah – a gentleman of few words but a great heart!

Submitted by Msema Kweli

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