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Page added on October 8, 2012

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Sierra Leone Presidential Debate… Koroma APC Vs Bio SLPP

Sierra Leone Presidential Debate… Koroma APC Vs Bio SLPP thumbnail

Patriotic Sierra Leoneans Organization (PSL) will be facilitating a Presidential debate on Monday November 5, 2012 at the Miatta Conference Center, Brookfield Freetown. Presidential Debates are important for many reasons. First off, the candidates will get to tell the people their opinions on matters related to governance and general societal issues. Secondly, the candidates will use the opportunity to reveal what they will do if they are voted to clinch the presidency. They will also explain what is going on in our country at the moment and what will happen in the future and are placed better to explain what they will do about the future. Overall, it gives us Sierra Leoneans a good feeling having the opportunity to understand the candidates’ plan, objectives and determinations to become good leaders. The Presidential Debate will also give some insight into the personalities and characters of the candidates contesting.

The presidential debates – the single most important electoral events – should provide voters with an opportunity to see the Presidential candidates discussing important issues in an unscripted manner.

Open Presidential Debates inform the public, the news media and policy makers about the stance the candidates have and promises they make. It will serve as a reflection to hold leaders accountable for promises and plans.

PSL wants to inspire youths and children’s interest in the presidential elections and to actively participate in the democracy of our land, start now by getting them involved in the process and watch the presidential debates together. Try to refrain from hatefully voicing your own opinions concerning presidential candidates and issues before the debates; let young people know that you want them to think for themselves and form their own opinions. 

Formally discuss the debates with young people before you watch them, especially if this will be the first time your kids or teens are watching a presidential debate. Let them know why presidential candidates debate, and why it is so important for everyone in the country to listen to and/or watch the debates. If you need to inform yourself about presidential debates, read and share pertinent newspaper and news magazine articles with your kids and teens in the days before the debate. Never be afraid to admit to your kids that you need to seek information to educate yourself. Not only will you be a great role model, kids love to learn that adults don’t know everything!  Major newspapers, television and radio stations all over the country now have the ingredients that you can investigate together about the Presidential Candidates. Seek objective news sources and make sure the sources you use represent multiple perspectives.

  • On the day of the debate, try to sit down for a minute with your kids and teens and make a list of things, or issues, that are important to them and you. Is a healthy environment a big issue to your kids?  Are they concerned about the future of our country? What do they think of their school, their educational opportunities? What is each family member’s feeling about the current economic situation? Make sure someone has the job of sharing your family’s “things we care about” list right before you watch the debate so you can all listen to hear if the candidates address issues important to you and your kids.
  • Don’t watch the debate “pre-game.” Listen and/or watch the presidential debates free of pundits and so-called political experts so that all of you can think, discuss, and decide for yourselves if the candidates addressed important issues. You may want to watch the debates on SLBC or listen to them on a public radio station, to free yourself and your kids and teens from the biased opinions of the punditry class and political spin doctors.
  • When the debate is over, turn off the television or radio. Ask your kids and teens what they thought about the debate. Which candidate cared about issues important to you and your kids? Which candidate best communicated his or her ideas? Which candidate offered viable pragmatic solutions to important problems? Which candidate personified leadership qualities in action, tone, and bearing? Which candidate responded to questions with insight, wisdom, grace, and strength? Which candidate best articulated his or her vision for our nature’s future?  
  • Let your kids and teens voice their opinions before you voice your own so they feel free to think for themselves and express those thoughts with confidence. If you disagree, do not disparage or disrespect them. Yes, you may be more experienced, but they have their own unique experiences and ideas on which they base their decisions. Give them the freedom to think for themselves, and challenge them to make decisions based on matters of sound reason, not on surface personality issues. 

Have a great time at the debates, and be sure to take your kids with you when you vote so they can see how it’s done. Taking the time to take them with you will let them know how important it is that everyone votes!

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3 Comments on "Sierra Leone Presidential Debate… Koroma APC Vs Bio SLPP"

  1. Fatorma Gabba on Mon, 8th Oct 2012 6:49 pm 

    I will love to see such a debate, first of it kind. My guess is ,it,s highly unlikely that the President will show up given the volume of praise-singing articles falsely declaring him a SAINT. If it happens, it could be a turning point in our political history. But I doubt it.

  2. Maurice on Tue, 9th Oct 2012 1:51 pm 

    I really doubt it, The president will never show up, but if he did then is a turning point in Salone history.

    But again is very clear that Bio will defeat him on economy topics and educational issue.

    Bio and Koroma….. The nation knows the winner already !!!

  3. Maurice on Tue, 9th Oct 2012 1:57 pm 

    I hope you Guys can try hard to post the debate online video for people like us living oversea…Tanxxxx


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