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Page added on October 18, 2012

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Councilor-Aspirant in Development Gait

Councilor-Aspirant in Development Gait thumbnail

The slum communities have a rugged history with poverty shading a portion growth of life and existence in their inhabitants. This is what a visit at Susan’s Bay wharf would portray. A special dreg of life is in blossom sometimes thinking the inhabitants are existing on their own.   (Photo: Top view of Susan Bay slum in Freetown)

A scaly port burgeons in this slum – noticing that goods from the riverine communities along the historic tributary – Rokel, compose a wealth of commerce. Besides, sanitary conditions are at behest: explaining why the cholera outbreak recorded a swollen number of death tolls to a danger soon declared a state of emergency.

Samplings in the guise of random thoughts suggest a good leadership and quality representation would meek the situation. Others blame it on the political will – even though the assuming commerce dominated hub is indicting a lack of commitment in giving development facelift in a community they scout resources almost on a daily basis.

Osman T-Mex Sesay speaks out on this – what motivated him to aspire for the position of Councilor in ward 377. “It is a community plea on me that I should represent them on one common purpose.  I was born and breed in this community little realizing span of developments that would have given us various facelifts.  Sometimes I thought it fit that I should become part of the system to contribute better in developing this community as no other person would be emotional about the terrible nature of our development than I would be. “

Such opinion breeds a concern page on what acumen he possesses to meet such challenges.

“I undertake steps rehabilitation and reconstruction of self sponsored projects on one imagination that if I have my way, I would change the eyesore nature of the dilapidated steps in the surface of Susan’s Bay wharf.  I began the rehab process, which is now almost complete – in what looks like complementing the work of YMCA slums project approach in the community.”

The look here demonstrates and points on concrete developmental projects dominating the visit which presented the 44 year old aspiring councilor candidate for the hot job.  Equally, it goes without bets that inhabitants of that ward have a wealth of confidence in the SLPP Councilor aspirant, which sounds like he would get the people’s consent in the November 17 polls.

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