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Page added on October 20, 2012

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Chericoco to launch campaign at Old School

Chericoco to launch campaign at Old School thumbnail

The development oriented and charismatic honorable member of parliament that has been recently nominated to contest the parliamentary seat at constituency 110 will on Sunday officially launch his campaign at Old School Hill Station in Freetown to complement the All Peoples Congress (APC) campaign trail. (Photo: Hon. Chernor Bah commonly called Chericoco has a vision for the development of Sierra Leone)

Thousands of his supporters and admirers within the Western Area and its surroundings are expected to witness the ceremony where Hon. Bah will outline his vision for the implementation of the Agenda for prosperity after the 2012 election which he is expected to win overwhelmingly.

Hon. Bah is arguably the most popular incumbent parliamentarian in the Western Urban Area that has succeeded in the implementation of the Government’s Agenda for Change that has created a platform for economic growth and social development.

While in parliament as Chairman of the Mines Committee Hon. Bah ensured a level playing field for a win- win situation between mining companies and the government of Sierra Leone which has contributed immensely towards the growth of Sierra Leone’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

With the advent of mining companies across the country, thousands of jobs have been created in the country and the livelihoods of many families and communities transformed.

Hon. Chernor Bah commonly called Chericoco has also contributed to the improvement of basic social amenities for his constituents according to their needs and aspiration with the involvement of stakeholders in constituency 110.

Thousands of supporters promised to support and to also vote for Hon. Chernor Bah during the November 17 multi tier election so that he can continue to promote development in his constituency.

Several party supporters said Hon. Chernor Bah has beautified his constituency with the construction of roads, bridges and have also provided scholarships for underprivileged children for his constituents and beyond.

They said at the time when constituents were envisaging water shortage, Chericoco as he is fondly called provided pipe born water for many residents struggling to access safe drinking water.

He has succeeded in promoting the Agenda for Change with strong lobby skills at the corridors of power, the well of parliament and communities with passion to help the needy in society.

He is a respected Lawyer and politician that have transformed the lives of many children, youth’s adults and the aged in mostly deprived communities due to his generosity and convincing charisma for leadership.

His astute leadership has lead President Koroma without any prejudice allowed him to run for the parliamentary seat for the second term so that he can continue to transforms the country and the people towards prosperity.

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