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Page added on August 21, 2013

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“Monologue Was Misled,” Resident Minister Says

“Monologue Was Misled,” Resident Minister Says thumbnail

The Resident Minister, East, Mr. William Juana Smith, has said that the good governance programme, Monologue, was misled by the street caller who recently rang and alleged that he, the Minister,   has four solar light poles in his compound in Kenema.

In an interview with this medium, the Resident Minister responded that he has only one solar light in his compound, not four as alleged by the street caller.

He explained that during his absence, the solar light pole was installed in his compound by the Energy Committee of the Kenema City Council, noting that even the single pole is faulty.

“I was never a party to the distribution of the solar lights and I never requested for it. The members of the Energy Committee can explain better why they chose to erect the faulty pole in my compound where I already have an expensive and sophisticated flood light that serves my entire compound adequately,” the Resident Minister stated.

He accused the Monologue Presenter, Mr. David Tamba Baryoh, of exhibiting gross unprofessionalism by failing to tell his Resident Reporter in Kenema to cross check what the street caller alleged, further accusing the Presenter of deceiving the public by pretending to contact him.

He condemned what he referred to as Monologue’s unwarranted attack on the noble institution of Paramount Chieftaincy which, he said, must be protected from unprofessional Journalism, describing the attack as a flagrant disrespect for Paramount Chiefs.

He said he was not surprised at Monologue’s unwarranted attack on Paramount Chiefs, recalling that during the regime of the National Provisional Ruling Council, (NPRC), students of Kono District, from where the Presenter of the Monologue Programme, Mr. David Tamba Baryoh hails, accused Paramount Chief Songu Mbriwa of aiding the rebels and, consequently, Soldiers apprehended the Paramount Chief, loaded him in a car boot, beat him to death and dumped his remains in a gutter.

Mr. William Juana Smith further recalled that it was the same Kono students who accused Paramount Chief Sahr Fania of Kamaran Chiefdom of selling Kono to the rebels for thirty thousand United States Dollars, which led to Paramount Chief   Chief Fania being arrested together with the Chiefdom Speaker of Gbenseh, Sahr M. Gborie and detained at the Pademba Road maximum prison in Freetown.

The Resident Minister wondered whether the Presenter of Monologue, David Tam Baryoh, was not part of those Kono students whose accusations led to the assassination of Paramount Chief Songu Mbriwa and the detention of Paramount Chief Sahr Fania and Chiefdom Speaker Sahr M. Gborie.

He concluded that he is a servant and not a friend of President Ernest Bai Koroma.

“President Koroma does not appoint his Ministers based on friendship but on merit and he recruited me to help run his government honestly and peacefully,” he stressed.

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